• ADXL344

    Hello there, I am looking at ADXL344 for a new project.

    It shows there are three eval boards available for this part:

    EVAL-ADXL344Z Breakout Board $30.00 Yes
    EVAL-ADXL344Z-DB Ultra Low Power Development…
  • RE: ADXL344: data access


    Thank you for your reply.

    I tested a continuous data access of ADXL344.

    The ADXL344 is used in the mode of ±2G.

    And, it is put on the plane in the place without the vibration.

    In this case, a value close to +255(+1G) usually returns in the…

  • ADXL344: Sampling rate


    I have a question about the sampling rate of ADXL344.

    There is a description about the accuracy of internal RC oscillator of ADXL345 as follows.



    Is the clock generation of ADXL344 accuracy of ±10%?

    Is the ±10% the maximum value…

  • ADXL344 FIFO Read Repeats


    I'm working on a fall detection algorithm that utilizes the ADXL344 and am working through some unusual issues. The way we're tackling it is non-standard because we're trying to combat a noise issue on the board. The first stage of the algorithm…

  • RE: ADXL344 vs ADXL346

    Hi Michael,

    The two products only differ in their final production test flow.  So the difference is only in the specification for offset and sensitivity (as shown in Table1).  The ADXL344 does not have any min/max spec for offset and sensitivity, only…

  • ADXL344 output data meaningless


    I'm trying to get data from an ADXL344 accelerometer, however the data I get from the device makes no sense.

    I can read and write the registers of the ADXL without any problems, but when I'm trying to read the data output from the device…

  • ADXL344 Accelerometer Data Problem

    Good evening,

    I bought the ADXL344 MEMS Accelerometer. I acquire data with these settings:
    - ODR = 100 Hz
    - Acceleration range = -8;+8 g
    - SPI communication protocol
    - Right justify
    - Full resolution
    - Power supply = 2.5 Volt.

    and under these conditions:


  • ADXL344 demo kit

    I ordered the ADXL344 eval kit and it did not include the CD per the documentation. After downloading the documentation off the website I found a difference between the hardware I received and the software provided. The hardware includes a serial cable…

  • Evalboard system of ADXL343 and ADXL344

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please let us know what is the kind of your eval board for ADXL343 and ADXL344?

    I could not catch the detail document on your homepage well.

    Our customer needs GUI that can get tilt angle data.

    Seems your GUI(eg; for ADXL345) can…