• ADXL343 vs ADXL345


    what kind of differences are between ADXL343 and ADXL345,

    except samplerates below 6.25Hz for ADXL343?

    In Selection Table (the link is here: Selection Table for MEMS  Accelerometers )

    Bandwidth -3dB for ADXL345 is 1.6kHz and only 0.32kHz for AD…

  • ADXL343 Internal clock

    Hello ADI team


    My customer is considering to use ADXL343. They have a question. ADXL343 has I2C. Does it have a clock stretch function? If ADXL343 has the clock stretch function, how can I use its function?

  • RE: 自主检测自由落体与振动并输出信号

    ADXL343/344/345/346/350/362/363 等等都可以实现该功能

  • ADXL343 supports Windows10 OS driver

    Hi ADI expert,

    I would like to do ADXL343 for rotation function at table PC, and executed Windows10 OS. 

    May I ask ADXL343 supports Windows10 OS driver? 

    Best regards.


  • RE: Question about ADXL343

    Thank you for the feedback. I want to know the following two things.

    1. The ADXL343 has been done any vibration test? If yes, please let me know the test standard name.
    2. The ADXL343 will always be used under +/- 2G vibration condition. The ADXL343 might…
  • ADXL343 reset

    The ADXL343 doesn't have a dedicated reset pin. Just to be on the safe side, is it a suggested design practice to use a switchable power supply for the chip to reserve the possibility of a sw controlled reset? Thanks for the response in advance. Regards…

  • RE: ADXL343 driver for the Renesas RH850 controller

    Hi Vidhya,

    You can use ADXL345 driver, both ADXL343 and ADXL345 share same registers naming and addresses.



  • What should be the output on SDO when CS = 0 and SDI =0 for ADXL343?

    I am using ADXL343 and trying to power it on by setting measure 3rd bit of POWER_CTL. But nothing is happening. I am unable to see any output on SDO. Initially, VDD and VS both are high which means my module is in standby mode. Also, I have attached OR…

  • Schematic & PCB layout  of ADXL343/ADXL344 Breakout Board


    I would like to know detail of the breakout board.

    On the ADI web site, can we get the schematic and PCB layout data ?

    I would like to evaluate the ADXL343 or ADXL344, so I am going to use the Breakout board.

    To connect the breakout board to our…

  • ADXL343 after PowerCycle all I2C-Register not writeable, only readable

    I have a PCB with the ADXL343 in I2C-Mode. The most time, it works without problems. But sometimes after a powercycle, all registers of the ADXL343 are only readable and not writeable, so i am not able to configure the device correct. The initialisation…