• About stiction information of ADXL343


    Would you have stiction information of ADXL343.
    If you have information, Please let me know.

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  • RE: ADXL343 multiple read problem

    Hi Victor, 

    just checking if you were able to make progress on this, and if you need anything else? 


  • ADXL343 Potting

    Hi, we are using your ADXL343 on out mobile device and are potting the PCB with epoxy resin. I cannot find any relevant information in the datasheet about this. Will potting the IC negatively affect the performance? 



    I read the ADXL343 datasheet.
    The data sheet is "When using the 3200 Hz or 1600 Hz output data rates in fullresolution
    or ± 2 g, 10-bit operation, the LSB of the output data word is always 0. "(Rev. 0 | Page 30 of 36)
    13-bit data can be read…

  • ADXL343 standby mode


    I want to use the ADXL343 accelerometer in a design that needs very low power and I am wondering if the interrupts can work in standby mode? In the datasheet, I can read that no measurements are made in standby mode, but is that also true for the…

  • ADXL343 reset

    The ADXL343 doesn't have a dedicated reset pin. Just to be on the safe side, is it a suggested design practice to use a switchable power supply for the chip to reserve the possibility of a sw controlled reset? Thanks for the response in advance. Regards…

  • ADXL343 data read


    I am using a ADXL343 in one of my designs and I am getting strange readings from the device. Just to be sure, I would like to confirm that I am formatting the data properly.

    I configure the device as explained in http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical…

  • ADXL343 vs ADXL345


    what kind of differences are between ADXL343 and ADXL345,

    except samplerates below 6.25Hz for ADXL343?

    In Selection Table (the link is here: Selection Table for MEMS  Accelerometers )

    Bandwidth -3dB for ADXL345 is 1.6kHz and only 0.32kHz for AD…

  • RE: ADXL343 interface in evaluation board


    Searching in our archive, I was able to find the firmware to allow the motherboard to communicate using I2C (see attached file). I do not have a Keil uVision license to build the project for your. If you have the means, just make sure that the…

  • ADXL343 Internal clock

    Hello ADI team


    My customer is considering to use ADXL343. They have a question. ADXL343 has I2C. Does it have a clock stretch function? If ADXL343 has the clock stretch function, how can I use its function?