• ADXL343, ADXL337 failure mode


    I have a question. ADXL343 ADXL337

    My customer said.
    I want to know what state the output will be in case of failure.
    What happens to the output as the sensor part becomes short or open.
    As an example, if it is a capacitor, it is basically open so the…

  • Durability of ADXL337


    Is there data on the durability of ADXL337?

    My customers say that they want data that "performance is not affected even given given acceleration oscillations X times".
    They assume 400 million times as the number of times(X).
    This is what…

  • ADXL337: RoHS compliant with exemptions

    ADXL337 is listed on your website as RoHS compliant with exemption(s). Can you
    provide information on which exemption(s) apply to this product?


    The ADXL337 is RoHS exempt due to the Pb content in the seal glass for the MEMS
  • ADXL337 EMI/EMC Schematic


    I  am considering the use of ADXL337. 

    This will monitor the condition of the industrial motor.  What  are the protection circuits for NOISE and how are less affected by EMI/EMC?

    Best & Regards,


  • Gerber files of ADXL337 breakout board


    Can you please provide the gerber file of ADXL337 breakout board?

  • the noise density comparing ADXL337 v.s KXR_94 - 2050

    Hi Sir,

         My customer is comparing the noise density between ADXL337 and KXR-90-2050, he found out the ADXL337 noise density is 175ug/Hz and KXR-90-2050 is only 45ug/Hz, it's very big difference in this spec. After I check the competitor's spec, I found…

  • Calculating the vector sum of all three axis signals by an analog circuit

    I want to bundle all 3 axis signals (x, y and z) of the ADXL337 into a resulting vector sum by an analog circuit in order to get along with only one signal channel instead of three. Now  I am looking for an appropriate analog circuit recommendation.

  • RE: is there a Z axis accelerometer?

    Hi Immanuel

    Currently, No Z-axis accelerometer on it's own. From a practical application point of view, we recommend a Tri-axis accelerometer (which have all these outputs as standard e.g. X,Y and Z). With this in mind, (if require) you can tap the Z…

  • RE: What is the difference between adxl 335 and 337

    Based on a quick review of the selection table, it would appear like that is the case. The offset tempco seemed to be 10% higher on the ADXL337.  You probably already say this, but here is the link, which creates the comparison table that I used.


  • Help with choosing tilt measuring device

    We wish to purchase a small 3 axis tilt measuring device (gyro, accelerometer,
    etc) to measure the inclination of a stylus from the vertical position. This
    info will be used by the tablet PC (coupled with nib pressure) to have a smart