• ADXL335 PCB design for my custom wearable design

    Hello Expert Team, 

    I am designing a small wearable which barely contains an ATMega328p-MU microcontroller and ADXL335 accelerometer and a power source with some passive components. While going through the data sheet of ADXL335 I came across a section…

  • RE: 说出您心中的ADI年度“贺岁片”,发帖、跟帖送大奖!(公布获奖名单啦)


        接触这款芯片还是在MSP-EXP430FR5739 FRAM Experimenter Board 这款开发板上呢,板载的ADXL335的芯片呢,可以测量加速度和倾角呢.....

  • ADXL 335 detects false angle because of vibration.

    Hello ,I am using 3-axis +/-3G ADXL335 Analog accelerometer to determine pitch and tilt sensing with 1degree Precision. I have tested it on the small tractor it works fine when the engine is off but as soon as the engine starts the accelerometer show…

  • ADXL335 and high sampling rate gravimetry

    For many years I have been using data from the global network of superconducting gravimeters, and from the broadband seismometer networks.  I calculate the vector tidal gravitational acceleration at the stations to calibrate the single axis superconducting…

  • ADXL335 Z Axis 0G Voltage

    We have a product here that recently has started having higher fallout in our production test, Z Axis only.  The Z Axis voltage measurement is out of our test limits, and it appears like it's getting worse recently the more we build.

    I've taken some…

  • ADXL335温度飘零

    请问下ADXL335温度飘零是线性的么? 采集的时候发现X轴输出 在 20°的时候有转折点

  • ADXL335 Self Test Pin Clearance to Power Plane above Vs + 0.3V

    The clearance between our ST pad and the plane is 0.1524mm. Is this enough
    clearance to comply with the datasheet request that the ST pin should not be
    'exposed' to voltages in excess of Vs +0.3V?


    A 0.1524mm clearance will be…
  • ADXL335分离式引脚焊接问题


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