• ADXL335 Z Axis 0G Voltage

    We have a product here that recently has started having higher fallout in our production test, Z Axis only.  The Z Axis voltage measurement is out of our test limits, and it appears like it's getting worse recently the more we build.

    I've taken some…

  • ADXL335 and high sampling rate gravimetry

    For many years I have been using data from the global network of superconducting gravimeters, and from the broadband seismometer networks.  I calculate the vector tidal gravitational acceleration at the stations to calibrate the single axis superconducting…

  • ADXL335 PCB design for my custom wearable design

    Hello Expert Team, 

    I am designing a small wearable which barely contains an ATMega328p-MU microcontroller and ADXL335 accelerometer and a power source with some passive components. While going through the data sheet of ADXL335 I came across a section…

  • PWB Gaber data for ADXL335 breakout board

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Can I get your gaber file for EVAL-ADXL335Z?

    Our customer have liked it and will start for their development soon.

    Maybe become big business .

    Thanks Kaos

  • What is the sensitivity of ADXL335 in mg

    I go through the datasheet and don't find the decription. can someone tell me what the minimum acceleron in unit:mg does the ADXL335 pick up with 50hz bandwidth?

    i appologize if I post at the wrong place.


  • The way of fix to application for ADXL335

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer is studying for the way of fix your ADXL335 by strong magnet --neodymium magnet.

    So if there is a neodymium magnet at close area, so what trouble has comin?

    Does your internal comb stick each other as reed switch correct…

  • Whether ADXL335 can test 5 grade earthquake or not?

    Which Performance is the main reference for MEMS to test earthquakes?

    Whether ADXL335 can test 5 grade earthquake or not?

  • Does the ADXL335 Accelerometer measure static acceleration of gravity?

    On the 1st page of the data sheet for the ADXL335, under 'General Description' it states that it does measure static gravity. However, it then states that the low frequency cutoff is 0.5 Hz. It is to my understanding that the low frequency cutoff needs…

  • ADXL335和ADXL345精度对比问题


  • 关于ADXL335温度漂移问题