• Does the ADXL335 Accelerometer measure static acceleration of gravity?

    On the 1st page of the data sheet for the ADXL335, under 'General Description' it states that it does measure static gravity. However, it then states that the low frequency cutoff is 0.5 Hz. It is to my understanding that the low frequency cutoff needs…

  • RE: How do I make a PCB for ADXL330 from the scratch?

    Hi Abdul,

    We have a simple breakout board (PCB) for our analog accelerometers that you could buy.  The ADXL330 has been replaced by a newer version ADXL335 and the following link has details of the PCB you are looking for.


  • Resolution of ADXL335


        I am using a the analog accelerometer ADXL335 on a Grove board. The data-sheet (p.11, right column) says that the resolution depends on the Bandwidth (which in turn depends on Cx, Cy, Cz).

        Can someone let me know the equation/relation linking…

  • Use of inexpensive MEMS accels as instrumentation-grade sensors

    We use high quality tri-axial DC-accels ("instrumentation-grade") for in-vehicle (automotive industry) measurements of steering-response motions and vibrations. These accels cost approximately $1000-$1500 each.  Some are MEMS based and come in…

  • Whether ADXL335 can test 5 grade earthquake or not?

    Which Performance is the main reference for MEMS to test earthquakes?

    Whether ADXL335 can test 5 grade earthquake or not?

  • ADXL345 - resonance frequency

    I checked the datasheet of the ADXl345 – I am missing the resonance frequency


    It is 5500Hz like for the ADXL335!
  • What is your delay time for the internal demodulator ADXL335?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for you.

    As for the demodulator in your ADXL335, what is your demodulator delaytime?

    Thanks, Kaos

  • RE: ADXL345零点漂移问题

    我想请教下:就是ADXL335 会有温度漂移的现象, 我需要用ADXL335测角度,然后会随着温度的变化而发生改变,这种技术上有什么解决方案么?谢谢!

  • ADXL335 and ADXL377 Accelerometers

    Hi, we bought ADXL335 and ADXL377 Accelerometers for our lab. The typical sensitivity is 6.5 mV/g for ADXL 377, and it is 300 mV/g for ADXL335 when the power is 3 V at 25 C based on the Data Sheet. If we use different power such as 3.3 V, how can do the…

  • RE: ADXRS453 Vs ADXRS642


    For digital output, you can consider ADXL350. For analog output, you can consider ADXL335 / ADXL326, depends on the g range that you need.