• ADXL335:  RoHS exemption

    Your website provides evidence of RoHS compliance of ADXL335BCPZ but indicates
    that the product is compliant with exemption(s). Can you provide information on
    which exemption(s) apply to this product?


    The ADXL335 is RoHS exempt due to the Pb…

  • ADXL335: Temperature drift of the offset

    My customer is confused with the Temperature drift of the offset .

    You specify +/- 1mG/°C.

    If the temperature increase of 10°C, how can he knows if it'll be an increase
    or a decrease ?

    More over is offset change similar between two…

  • ADXL335 Self Test Pin Clearance to Power Plane above Vs + 0.3V

    The clearance between our ST pad and the plane is 0.1524mm. Is this enough
    clearance to comply with the datasheet request that the ST pin should not be
    'exposed' to voltages in excess of Vs +0.3V?


    A 0.1524mm clearance will be fine since…

  • ADXL335


  • ADXL335 markinng code

    Is the production date information included in the marking conde on the top of ICs?

  • ADXL335


    I am interested to know more about the data recovery of the ADXL335 3-axes accelerometer.

    How is the capacity mesured ?

    How is the capacity transformed into an analogic voltage ?

    According to Figure 1, how does the DEMOD work ?

    Thank you in advance…

  • ADXL335灵敏度与0g offset及安装倾斜角度的问题


    在使用ADXL335时,其0g offset会随着安装倾斜角度的不同而变化。

    请问ADXL335的测试灵敏度是否会随着0g offset发生改变?

    在小角度倾斜的情况下是否有灵敏度和0g offset的相互关系可以参考?

    怎样校准倾斜角度下的0g offset?


  • ADXL335 Accelerometers Scale Range

    Hi, we bought ADXL335 Accelerometers for our lab. 
    And i would like to know what is the measurement range on +-G´s and the Sensitivity at ZOUT when the Operating Voltage Range is at 3.3 v 

    thanks and regards 

  • ADXL335 (GY-61) Module G to Rotation Converstion Formula Variations

    Dear Forum Members

    In document AN-1057, conversiton from analog out to angle and spherical coordinates is clearly described with inverse sin and inverse tan functions but conversion from analog out to rotation angles with atan2() function is not included…