• ADXL335


    I am interested to know more about the data recovery of the ADXL335 3-axes accelerometer.

    How is the capacity mesured ?

    How is the capacity transformed into an analogic voltage ?

    According to Figure 1, how does the DEMOD work ?

    Thank you in advance…

  • ADXL335:  RoHS exemption

    Your website provides evidence of RoHS compliance of ADXL335BCPZ but indicates
    that the product is compliant with exemption(s). Can you provide information on
    which exemption(s) apply to this product?


    The ADXL335 is RoHS exempt…
  • Resolution of ADXL335


        I am using a the analog accelerometer ADXL335 on a Grove board. The data-sheet (p.11, right column) says that the resolution depends on the Bandwidth (which in turn depends on Cx, Cy, Cz).

        Can someone let me know the equation/relation linking…



    For a part of my P.h. Degree I'm evaluating the propagation of measurement errors of MEMS, using from now an ADXL335 as experimental reference (using Z axis), in the reconstruction of speed and displacement by double integration, more precisely…

  • ADXL335 Simulink Model

    Hi everyone,

    Kindly, I am writing to you asking for your help. I wonder if there is a Simulink model for ADXL335 accelerometer or for any equivalent 3-axis accelerometer from Analog Devices. I was able to locate the models for dual-axis accelerometers…

  • ADXL335温度飘零

    请问下ADXL335温度飘零是线性的么? 采集的时候发现X轴输出 在 20°的时候有转折点

  • ADXL335 and ADXL377 Accelerometers

    Hi, we bought ADXL335 and ADXL377 Accelerometers for our lab. The typical sensitivity is 6.5 mV/g for ADXL 377, and it is 300 mV/g for ADXL335 when the power is 3 V at 25 C based on the Data Sheet. If we use different power such as 3.3 V, how can do the…

  • ADXL335 Accelerometers Scale Range

    Hi, we bought ADXL335 Accelerometers for our lab. 
    And i would like to know what is the measurement range on +-G´s and the Sensitivity at ZOUT when the Operating Voltage Range is at 3.3 v 

    thanks and regards 

  • Drive Strength of ADXL335 accelerometer

    I have a question pertaining to the drive strength of the analog outputs of the ADXL335 3-axis analog accelerometer. The circuit is as follows: The analog outputs of the ADXL335 are connected to the inputs of a LMV324 Quad Op-amp in unity-gain configuration…

  • ADXL335 axis out of spec


    we are using the ADXL335 in our product to measure angle of an arm.

    We are using only the Z and Y axis.

    We have the devices loaded onto a flex PCB in batches of 1000 by our Chinese manufacturer.

    We are using 2.5V as the power supply. With 0g the output…