• RE: Minimum Acceleration

    Hi Wyatttsmitherman,

    That specification refers to a minimum range and not minimum acceleration.  So the ADXL325 can be used for applications where acceleration in the range of -5 to +5g.



  • Soldering EXTREMELY small components

    This is my first time to use such small components in an application. I'm having trouble placing beads of solder onto the very small leads of an ADXL325 accelerometer (which is half the size of my fingernail).

    To all you solder aficionados out there…

  • Recovery time of MEMS accelerometers in a shock environment

    We are considering using the following MEMS accelerometers in a shock environment (~1500g):

    • ADXL325
    • ADXL337
    • ADXL375
    • ADXL345

    What kind of behavior should we expect from the accelerometers during the shock event?  Specifically, what measurements…

  • EVAL-ADXL325Z and EVAL-ADXL326Z Board Layout and Hole Dimensions


    I want to use a boards EVAL-ADXL325Z and EVAL-ADXL326Z in my equipment, so I want to produce such boards by myself. Could you provide schematic and gerber files for me? Also could you provide following information: board dimensions (H x W x L), holes…