• ADXL325 Frequency response


    what is the mechanical frequency response of the Z-axis of the ADXL325?

    In the datasheet the sensor resonance frequency is given as 5.5kHz but then also it is stated that X and Y have a different bandwidth from Z. Can you please elaborate? 


  • ADXL325 vibration bias

    I am currently using the ADXL325 sensor to measure the acceleration normal to the ground of a moving vehicle (using Y-axis, facing downward) and have noticed a bias which occurs when the vehicle increases speed.

    Attached is a plot of G vs seconds illustrating…

  • Powering an ADXL325 Accelerometer

    The ADXL325 accelerometer is rated for 350 microamps of current at an input voltage range of 3-5 volts. What power source is suggested to provide this voltage and current? Using an AC-to-DC converter rated for 5 volts won't work because its output current…

  • Zout bandwidth of ADXL325


    I have question about the bandwidth of Z axis of ADXL325. Could you please advise me the reason why the bandwidth of Z axis is narrow than X and Y axis?

    And how much reduce Z axis response as 1kHz input (ustable vibration)?   

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are evaluating ADXL325 in our design.

    Pls refer to the datasheet P.4 table2.

    The absolute maximum voltage of Vs is +3.6V.

    ADXL325 can use Vs=1.8v to 3.6V.

    When used Vs=3.6V,there is no margin.

    Is the value of table2 correct?…

  • ADXL325 and ADXL326 acceleration difference


    I am using ADXL326 EVK in my designs to measure the acceleration of an Actuator. For the verification, I tried to use the other accelerometer ADXL325 to get G peak values. Strangly observed totally different results.

    As per the datasheets ADXL326…

  • Interpreting ADXL325 Data Results


    I'm hoping someone could set me on the path of understanding on the best way to interpret the accelerometer data I've gathered. I used the evaluation board EVAL-ADXL325Z to log data.

    For the power supply, I used a 12V battery pack, and…

  • 求ADXL325中文资料手册


  • ADXL326, ADXL325, ADXL316 noise 1/f corner frequency

    What is the ADXL326 noise 1/f corner frequency?

    What is the ADXL325 noise 1/f corner frequency?

    What is the ADXL316 noise 1/f corner frequency?




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