• ADXL326, ADXL325, ADXL316 noise 1/f corner frequency

    What is the ADXL326 noise 1/f corner frequency?

    What is the ADXL325 noise 1/f corner frequency?

    What is the ADXL316 noise 1/f corner frequency?




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  • RE: Powering an ADXL325 Accelerometer

    I agree with Nitzan and Venkat.  A different concern instead might be how clean the source is powering the ADXL325.  The outputs of most of our analog output accelerometers, including the ADXL325, are ratiometric with their power supply.  So any noise in…

  • ADXL325 Frequency response


    what is the mechanical frequency response of the Z-axis of the ADXL325?

    In the datasheet the sensor resonance frequency is given as 5.5kHz but then also it is stated that X and Y have a different bandwidth from Z. Can you please elaborate? 


  • 求ADXL325中文资料手册



    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are evaluating ADXL325 in our design.

    Pls refer to the datasheet P.4 table2.

    The absolute maximum voltage of Vs is +3.6V.

    ADXL325 can use Vs=1.8v to 3.6V.

    When used Vs=3.6V,there is no margin.

    Is the value of table2 correct?…

  • RE: Zout bandwidth of ADXL325

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your asnwer.

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  • RE: ADXL325 vibration bias

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for that information, the bias has been removed.  There was also a loose mounting issue which resulted in excitations against the enclosure walls, but that has also been fixed.


  • Interpreting ADXL325 Data Results


    I'm hoping someone could set me on the path of understanding on the best way to interpret the accelerometer data I've gathered. I used the evaluation board EVAL-ADXL325Z to log data.

    For the power supply, I used a 12V battery pack, and…

  • RE: Minimum Acceleration

    Hi Wyatttsmitherman,

    That specification refers to a minimum range and not minimum acceleration.  So the ADXL325 can be used for applications where acceleration in the range of -5 to +5g.



  • lower ADXRS620 output impedance , higher ADC accuracy ?


    I use LTC1408 (ADC) to convert ADXL325 and ADXRS620 analog signals. LTC1408 ask to use a buffer amplifier before ADC to transform the analog signals, which have high source impedance.

    ADXL325 has an output impedance of 32k for LP filter, so it is…