• ADXL313:  incorrect device ID given in REV A datasheet

    ADXL313 datasheet Rev A claims the default value for PARTID register is 0xDC
    and that it matches octal 313. Octal 313 is 0xCB, and that's what the device is


    This is a typo error. This will be corrected at the next revision of this…

  • EVAL-ADXL313-Z


    Could you please help me to find EVAL-ADXL313-Z information?

    Only reference I can find is inside ADXL313 datasheet but I cannot find any
    other specific information for the evalboard itself.


    A datasheet for EVAL-ADXL313Z is available here:


  • ADXL313

    In order to measure the vibration of the PBC, I used ADXL313 to  measure the acceleration data after I knocked on my PCB.But My experimental data is not conform to the real vibration data.

    How can I improve the ADXL313 accuracy?I have tried set the output…

  • adxl313 output data is zero


    I have written some code to communicate with the ADXL313 digital accelerometer.

    I can read data register(Register 0x32 to Register 0x37, it stores acceleration value) from the ADXL313 when

    I read single byte in a single transmission.

    But when…

  • ADXL313 Device getting stuck at power on.

    I am using ADXL313 Device for a sizable quantity. 

    In a quantity of 5nos, 3 are working ok and 2 are not working as expected.

    problem with sensor 1:- The calculated output in Degrees and the X-Axis output reading gets stuck [at actual 0Degree] with a random…

  • ADXL313


  • ADXL313的实际分辨率和灵敏度问题

    在《ADXL313 Quick Start User Guide》中提到如下数据转换:

    To calculate the acceleration value in units of g, multiply the two's complement value obtained times the Scale Factor (1/sensitivity, units: [g]/LSB) at the given range and resolution. For this example…

  • [ADXL313] How to estimate the total error

    Hi team,

    I think the total error can basically be calculated as follows:

     Total error = offset + offset_temp_drift x ΔT + Sensitivity error + sensitivity_temp_drift x ΔT

    So I have some questions.


     I can't find the offset in datasheet and…

  • Problem In SPI Communication in ADXL313


    I am using ADXL313 in my project where I have written a simple C code to interact with the sensor. To check if the communication has been set up properly I am trying to read the value stored at 0x00 which is by default 0xAD. But I am not able to…