• (ADXL313)Do you have any plan to change ADXL313 datasheet same as ADXL312?

    Hi !


    We checked and found ADXL312  datasheet was changed.

    Standby Mode Leakage Current and Pin1 detail was changed.


  • ADXL313

    In order to measure the vibration of the PBC, I used ADXL313 to  measure the acceleration data after I knocked on my PCB.But My experimental data is not conform to the real vibration data.

    How can I improve the ADXL313 accuracy?I have tried set the output…

  • ADXL313


  • ADXL313 Code

    Has anyone at ADI written C driver code they could post/share? I found ADXL345/ADXL313 code for Linux. Don't want to reinvent the wheel if it's not required. ADI - it may actually cause sales to increase when implementing and using a part is made a little…

  • ADXL313


    I want to use ADXL313 for biosignal recording. 

    can anyone provides the smallest dimensions for the evaluation boards available? 

    The sensor specifications are nice according to the Resolution scales from 10-bit at ±0.5 g to 13-bit at ±4…

  • RE: [ADXL313] How to estimate the total error

    Hi yoshi-san, 

    sorry for the delay on my response. 

    If am not mistaken, the Interaxis Alignment Error parameter describes mechanical misalignment of the sensor die to the package, which is the main source of cross-axis sensitivity error. So by compensating…

  • ADXL313 Nonlinearity

    I was use ADXL313 for digital angle meter, and has non-linearity issue.

    If the angle meter has good offset calibration, assume i put the angle at 45 degree,

    sin(45) = 0.707, ideally the AccX = 1024 * 0.707 = 724, but after the offset calibration, i…

  • ADXL313 Sensitivity

    ADXL313 Sensitivity (Any g-range, full resolution mode) is only typ value 1024LSB/g in the datasheet.

    Could you tell me sensitivity variation of the condition  (Any g-range, full resolution mode)?

    Is this same as other condition?

    (i.e.  "±0.5 g, 10-bit…

  • ADXL313 Software reset


    Query of ADXL313 Software reset.

    Is it need waiting time for register setting which configure ADXL313, after software reset value 0x52 writning to 0x18?

    If the time need, How long is it?


  • adxl313 output data is zero


    I have written some code to communicate with the ADXL313 digital accelerometer.

    I can read data register(Register 0x32 to Register 0x37, it stores acceleration value) from the ADXL313 when

    I read single byte in a single transmission.

    But when…