• ADXL312 Interrupt Power


    I am working on a project and looking to incorporate the ADXL312 accelerometer into my design.  My question is: how are the INT1/INT2 outputs powered?  

    Ideally, I would like to turn off my VDD_IO supply in low power sleep modes (I2C is not active…

  • ADXL312 noise

    We have some questions.

    It is helpful if you answer them.

    #1 Noise performance on the datasheet P3

    Is it same as op amp to consider the noise performance?

    #2 Theory on the datasheet P10

    It is hard to understand the comment, "Phasesensitive demodulation…

  • Accelerometer ADXL312

    Hello, I am working with ADXL312 accelerometer and I have a problem. I had been working on activity interrupt and threshold, to test if interrupt works properly, to do that I shook and beat with pen the accelerometer then accelerometer stoped working…

  • ADXL312 Resolution

    Good morning,

    I've recently set up communication between my kinetis K64 processor and the ADXL312Z eval board over i2c.  I've done the bare bones setup of interrupt driven (currently not using this, I'm just polling the ADXL312 for data for test,)…

  • ADXL312 Noise

    We are using ADXL312 in a new design, and have measured the output of the accelerometer:

    MinX    MaxX    AvgX    MinY    MaxY    AvgY    MinZ    MaxZ    AvgZ

    -50.00  58.00   -5.68   -54.00  48.00   -4.25   228.00  410.00  309.97

    Minimum, maximum and average (mean) are calculated from…

  • ADXL312 Axis mix up

    I'm currently struggeling with a very strange behaviour of ADXL312.
    The accelerometer can sometimes (very hard to reproduce) go into a state where the axis are mixed up.

    The chip is mounted on a PCB laying steadly on the table.
    I can then get a reading…

  • ADXL312 Internal Digital Filter


    On previous projects we have used a raw accelerometer signal which is sampled by a microprocessor ADC, then filtered using an embedded c-code FIR filter (8-tap, 5Hz, LP Butterworth, 2nd Order). I now want to use the ADXL312 to do the same thing,…

  • ADXL375 ADXL312 EVB


    My customer bought each ADXL375 satelite and ADXL312 satelite and mother board.

    The customer wants to know how to set the devices into socket.

    The customer couldn't understand the direction.

    Could you let me know which is pin 1?


  • ADXL312 operating principle


    The datasheet of the ADXL312 say (page 10: THEORY OF OPERATION): "Deflection of the structure is measured using differential capacitors that consist of independent fixed plates and plates attached to the moving mass. Acceleration deflects the…

  • ADXL312 in FIFO mode


    I am trying to read a single axis from the ADXL312, a 3-axis device. So, assuming I am interested in the x-axis, I can read from the DATAX0 and DATAX1 registers and combine them in the host micro (v850 FG3). This works fine, but now I want to increase…