• ADXL213


         i have problem with adxl213, when  ADXL213 interface with pic30f3011 for tilt angle measurement as per application note and datasheet, but i don't get maximum or minimum angle maximum reading is 76 degree i need it to 90 degree, so plz help me…

  • ADXL213


    i need code /detail agloritum for ADXL213 interface with dspic30f3011 usinfg input capture mode

  • ADXL213  sensitivity


         How to calculate sensitivity of ADXL213 practically and theroticaly, is there any change in output of ADXL213 with change in sensitivity

    please suggest me solution for acurate and stable output of ADXL213, my application is find tilt angle using…

  • ADXL213: Magnetic field area

    Can the Accelerometer ADXL213 work in a magnetic field area?


    The sensor in the accelerometer is a polysilicon surface-micromachined
    structure built on top of a silicon wafer. The operation of the accelerometer
    is unaffected by magnetic…

    We are using the ADXL213AE from many years with very high results . Our main applications are : Platform leveling , cranes , aerial work platforms and many mobile applications . The inclinomeers that we realize are very performant . For new applications…

  • ADXL213 replacement recommendations?

    I am currently using an ADXL213 as a 2-axis inclinometer. I am looking for a 3-axis part, but have not yet figured out all the differences between parts. I need at least 0.1 degree resolution for angles up to 20 degrees, and I would prefer low current…

  • caibration of ADXL213


    what is the procedure for calibration of ADXL213 for angle measurment,

    is ther any standard procedure,

    also ,

    is there any diference in output of following 2 formule


    Acceleration = ((t1/t2) – Zero g Bias)/Sensitivity

    Where in the case…

  • ADXL213 Self-Test Response

    We are running an application that performs BIT of components on the board.  As a part of this, we put the ADXL213 into self-test and check the output response to ensure it is within acceptable limits of 23%.  Roughly 5% of the time we are failing this…

  • ADXL213 complete cycle error

    Hi ADI team. My customer use ADXL213 for pipe inclination sensor. ADXL213 output PWM data and be able to set the period for a complete cycle to set a single register. In Data Sheet, "t2 = RSET/125 MΩ" is described. But, when my customer set 1MΩ register…

  • ADXL213 possible noise sources?

    I'm using an ADXL213 in an existing design, and I think I'm seeing more noise than I had expected. The ADXL213 is set up with Cx and Cy both 1uF, and Rset is 5.1M. Cdc is 0.1uF. 

    I'm using a MCF54415 to measure the output PWM of the ADXL at rest…