• ADXL206

    Where can I find the location of ADXL206 axis (X and Y) relatively to package?


    Only the x-axis is marked in the package drawing on page 5 of ADXL206 datasheet.
    I have attached a modified version of this drawing showing the Y axis in red.

  • Axis orientation of ADXL206

    I can't find the x and Y axis orientation in elation to the package. This is
    not clear from in the datasheet pinout/package drawing(page 5).


    Only the x-axis is marked in the package drawing on page 5 of ADXL206
    datasheet. As drawn on datasheet…

  • ADXL206 zero G shifting

    Regarding the ADXL206 zero G shifting, I conducted a test on a board with three ADXL206 on it one for each axis.

    I set it up in an oven an conducted a temperature test wit a 1°C/minute ramp-up/down. I ran the test two times and processed the data output…

  • ADXL206 zero G shifting

    I'm using an ADXL206 in a board to detect the orientation of it, it should operate up to 150°C.

    I laid out two prototype boards and started a test up to 135°C, they worked fine for a couple of hours and then I noticed that on one board the X axis…

  • ADXL206 centerline

    I'm designing an electronic board for a downhole drilling application, i'm intending to use your ADXL206 Accelerometer.

    What i can't find on the datasheet is any information on the centerline - ie i would like to position the sensor as close…

  • RE: ADXL206 Zero G Bias Repeatability

    Again, sorry for the gaped coverage on this product.  Your interpretation is correct, with one exception: we would anticipate a degradation model that is closer to a square root of time approximation.  Hope that helps. 

  • adxl206 sample rate quesiton



    I use ADC to read ADXL206 XOUT YOUT voltage with Cx Cy set as 1uF. On page 10 of the datasheet, there is a formula f(-3dB)=1/(2pi*32K*C), I calculate f(-3dB)=5Hz when C is 1uF . In the firmware I set ADC sampling rate as 10Ksps(sample per second…

  • ADXL206 inclination angle calibration question

    Hi, I am using 2 ADXL206 chips to get 3 axis G readings, then convert to inclination angles using arc tangent formula.  How do I perform the inclination calibration routine to match the calculated angle with the true angle?  Is there any coefficients involved…

  • ADXL206的温度特性