• RE: ADXL203

    Here is a 7 -day run (1 sample/sec) for the ADXL203, same signal around 1E-5 Hz

  • ADXL203 Packaging

    I am researching the development of a new microsensor on which I have been working to implement ADXL203's for improved control and assembly. Is there a way to purchase an accelerometer like the ADXL203 product with much smaller or non-existing packaging…

  • ADXL203/AD22037 Structure

    I would like to use a AD22037 accelerometer in a prototype, am I correct in
    assuming that it's a
    closed-loop pendulus accelerometer with capacitive pickoff?


    The ADXL203/AD22037 are dual-axis accelerometers containing a polysili…
  • ADXL203 alternative

    Hi expert,

    I found that ADXL203 was not recommend for new design.

    But I have used this P/N in many products, so I need your help.

    the key parameter is the below,


    low noise

    low g application(tilt measurement)

    analog output

    thank you!


  • ADXL203 output voltage


    We are using ADXL203 in our product. We are using the IC for inclination measurement.

    We have implemented the circuit as metioned in the datasheet. But we are observing the difference in output votages when we compare the voltage outputs of two…

  • ADXL103: ADXL203

    Is the ADXL103CE Rohs compliant?
    The material declaration says 2.1milligramm PB


    The package is ROHS compliant until the year 2015.

    It is a process related exemption. The package contains a cap.

    To solder this cap at high temperatured…
  • ADXL103/ADXL203

    I was wondering if anyone knows if one can leave an output pin completely open if you don't need the output signal. I understand that there will be a lot of clock noise on it. The data sheet almost threatens the worlds end if you don't put at 1nF or larger…

  • ADXL203: Self-test calibration

    We would like to use your ADXL203 like a tilt sensor in safety critical
    applications like platforms stability control (with humans on board). We MUST
    BE SURE that your ADXL203 works well without double it.

    We do not understand well the…
  • ADXL203: Measuring tilt angles

    In my project i want use accelerometer ADXL203 for measurement of the corner of
    the tilt. I interest what measure tilt corner each of axises to perpendicular
    planes of the Earth when accelerometer is simultaneously tilt on axises X and Y…
  • ADXL203替换