• RE: 选一款适用于低频小g值振动加速度测试的MEMS传感器


  • ADXL203: Measuring tilt angles

    In my project i want use accelerometer ADXL203 for measurement of the corner of
    the tilt. I interest what measure tilt corner each of axises to perpendicular
    planes of the Earth when accelerometer is simultaneously tilt on axises X and Y…
  • MEMS Inertial Sensors Tags

    The following is a list of parts this group talks about. Update as necessary.

    ad22282-a-r2, ad22290, adia16201, adis16003, adis16006, adis16203, adis16204, adis16209, adis16210, adis16223, adis16227, adis16228, adis16229, adis16240, adis16255, adis16265…

  • RE: EVAL-CN0303-SDPZ for 2/3 axis measerment

    Hi Jonathan,

    Looks like I never received an email notification from your response, so my apologizes for the delayed response.

    The specific devices that were mentioned in the common variations section of CN0303 are the ADXL202 and the ADXL311.  These are…

  • 利用3轴加速度传感器检测低速位移量

    在文章“ ADXL202在计步器和个人导航设备中的应用 ”中描述了加速度计检测低速位移方法,现在我的问题是:




  • ADXRS401: Vehicle tilt

    Is it possible to use ADXRS401 for measuring the vehicle tilt with respect to
    the underlying surface?


    The ADxRS parts are not the best part for measuring inclination, and ADxL203
    will do this job a lot better because it can measure…
  • RE: ADuC7023燒入問題