• adxl202: Maximum voltage

    I have a ADXL202 accelerometer on a ADXL202EB evalution board. I think that it
    isn't working well, I get 7-8 V in the leaving, after to pass by a filter, and
    I'm think that it's tooy tall, is all right?


    That voltage is too high, indeed…

  • ADxL202: Sensitivity and resolution

    on what basis the sensitivity and the resolution of a MEMS accelerometer is


    The sensitivity of an accelerometer is given in V/g (output voltage per unit
    Resolution is the ratio of the smallest discernable change in acceleration…

  • ADXL202: Sperating tilt from vibration

    We have to measure an anlge in normal road bycicle, so that we use your
    accelerometer ADXL202E to calculate the angle. The angle was found correctly,
    but when we install the device in the bycicle, the vibration (even in an
    asphalt road) is high…

  • adxl202: Distinguish between tilt and acceleration

    I will plan car inclinometer and I wonder I can measure inclination stability
    on the car that when car is moving. Can I measure two axis inclination with


    The parts measure acceleration and cannot distinguish between acceleration due…

  • Can I achieve a resolution down to +/-0.05deg with ADXL202?

    Can I achieve a resolution down to +/-0.05deg with ADXL202?


    Theoretically this is possible. In practice, however, achieving a resolution
    down to +/-0.05deg will be challenging. You are really asking about the
    sensitivity of the accelerometer…

  • ADXL202, ADXL203, ADXL213 - all dual axis accelerometers: Is it allowed to operate the 2-axis sensor (+/-2g) in a x-y plain, where in z-direction a high static

    Is it allowed to operate the 2-axis sensor (+/-2g) in a x-y plain, where in
    z-direction a high static
    acceleration (100g) is present?


    No damage will be caused to the accelerometer

    The datasheet (Absolute maximum ratings) says +-500g - with…

  • RE: Noise peformance on ADXL345 and ADXL202

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • substitute for accelerometer adxl202


    Currently I use an accelerometer adxl202 for a poduct of my compagnie. Analog devices makes a transition from adxl202 to adxl213.

    I have a probleme with the g-Range of ADXL213 wich is +/-1.2g. I need an accelerometer with at least a g-Range of…

  • ADXL210E direction

    One of the customer asked the direction of the X, Y axis of ADXL210E. But there
    is no indication of the X, Y direction in the ADXL210E datasheet. Is it the
    same as the ADXL202E?


    Same as the ADXL202E