• ADXL193 Self Test

    The data sheet for the ADXL193 describes the self test function: "Activating self-test causes a step function force to be applied to the sensor, while the capacitive coupling term is canceled. The ADXL193 has improved self-test functionality, including…

  • ADXL193 Bessel filter

    Can someone please confirm this?  The 400 Hz Bessel filter built into the ADXL193 - any vibrations with greater than 400 Hz freqency are attentuated (ideally to zero, but I know filters don't roll off that fast).  How much delay does the signal experience…

  • ADXL193 - Output issue

    We sometimes see the output from the ADXL193 that is used in our devices have a 'sticky/notchy' output signal. The environment acceleration range is between 90g - 70g with a smoothly changing value but the accelerometer output is sticking at around 73…

  • RF equipment for ADXL193 on moving animal

    Dear colleagues.

    WE are normally using SD card logged GPS time synced data but are currently working on a project with multiple channel input to a powerlab 16/35 and collected via labchart.

    We're looking for suggestions on RF equipment to use with this…

  • ADxL193: What happtens when acceleration exceeds full-scale

    What happens when the accel experiences an acceleration greater than its
    maximum reading range? We know that some accels suffer from a large d.c. error
    being introduced on the output for a number of seconds after the event. What we
  • THe ADXL193 and ADXL278 are going obsolete what is their replacement parts and when will it be available?

    We use these accelerometers well above their 125C rating. They are relatively inexpensive and have the range we need. What is the replacement for these when they are gone?

  • This is urgent... I am using ADXL193 for vibration measurement now sensor is stop so i am using ADXL377 but it shows both sensors are different

    ADXL377 can be used as ADXL193 because datasheet shows sensors are little bit differ

  • AD22393Z-RL

    Hi all,

    Can someone confirm the difference between the P/N: AD22393Z-RL, and the standard ADXL193 devices (listed here: http://www.analog.com/en/mems-sensors/mems-inertial-sensors/adxl193/products/product.html).

    That P/N is not listed on the data…

  • MEMS Inertial Sensors Tags

    The following is a list of parts this group talks about. Update as necessary.

    ad22282-a-r2, ad22290, adia16201, adis16003, adis16006, adis16203, adis16204, adis16209, adis16210, adis16223, adis16227, adis16228, adis16229, adis16240, adis16255, adis16265…

  • Impact magnitude and direction of arrival

    I don't know how to go about solving a direction of arrival problem and hoping someone here does.  If I have an array of acceleration sensors (say, Analog Devices ADXL193) and I know their position and orientation (say they are mounted to a rigid…