• ADXL103: ADXL203

    Is the ADXL103CE Rohs compliant?
    The material declaration says 2.1milligramm PB


    The package is ROHS compliant until the year 2015.

    It is a process related exemption. The package contains a cap.

    To solder this cap at high temperatured Pb is…

  • ADXL103/203 Accelerometer sensitivity

    How does the sensitivity of the ADXL103 accelerometer changes with
    power supply voltage? What is the sensitivity if I supply 3.3V?


    Sensitivity is essentially ratiometric to VS. This means the output offset
    voltage and sensitivity will scale linearly…

  • ADXL103: Noise in accelerometer

    We are currently using some of your accelerometers to measure subsea pipe
    motions for offshore applications (extremely small motion amplitude ~ 0.01 m
    and reasonably low frequency 0.03 Hz). I have a few questions regarding your

  • ADXL103/ADXL203 Sensitivity over frequency

    Can you guarantee that sensor output sensitivity is exactly the same when using
    at different frequencies?
    Can you provide sensitivity vs frequency characteristics for ADXL103 or ADXL203
    accelerometer sensor please?


    Unfortunately, I cannot confirm…

  • ADXL103: Root cause of temperature drift component

    What is the root cause of the "Temperature drift component (X-axis)". What is
    the definition specified as "typ" compared to "max". Is "typ" equal to 1 std
    dev? What I am requesting is more or less what is…

  • ADXL103 / ADXL203 accelerometer with AD7887 ADC for vibration sensing

    I want to measure vibration with an ADXL103/ADXL203 accelerometer and sample the analog output voltage with an AD7887 ADC at a rate of around 2.5kHz. The samples are then used to calculate an RMS value (based on 5000 samples). The bandwidth of the accelerometer…

  • 单轴加速度传感器选型

    项目需要一款单轴加速度传感器,模拟量输出,量程5g以内,分辨率0.1mg. 目前仅找到一款ADXL103,但是好像分辨率有点低,麻烦问下有没有更合适。感谢。

  • Tilt sensing MEMs performance requriement

    if we have the lower noise parts on the roadmap to compete, their noise density
    is 50ug/Hz, while our best part ADXL103/203 is 110ug/Hz. (compete with


    comment on noise if Tilt measurement is the concern. 
    In principle customer has…