• ADXL103: ADXL203

    Is the ADXL103CE Rohs compliant?
    The material declaration says 2.1milligramm PB


    The package is ROHS compliant until the year 2015.

    It is a process related exemption. The package contains a cap.

    To solder this cap at high temperatured…
  • adxl103 sensitivity问题

    “The ADXL103/ADXL203 output is ratiometric, so the output sensitivity (or scale factor) varies proportionally to the supply voltage. At VS = 3 V, the output sensitivity is typically 560 mV/g. Sensitivity at XOUT, YOUT VS = 5 V is 1000mv ”  ,说明书上这两处,似乎有误…

  • ADXL103/203 Accelerometer sensitivity

    How does the sensitivity of the ADXL103 accelerometer changes with
    power supply voltage? What is the sensitivity if I supply 3.3V?


    Sensitivity is essentially ratiometric to VS. This means the output offset
    voltage and sensitivity will…
  • Question about ADXl103


              I am testing ADXL103. I use three  ADXL103 (X , Y,   Z) to test.


    1. test 0 bias in room temperature;

    2.increase 10  Celsius degrees,keep the temperature for 30 minutes,then  test 0 bias;

    3.Repeat  the  2 operation,until the temperature…

  • ADXL103/ADXL203

    I was wondering if anyone knows if one can leave an output pin completely open if you don't need the output signal. I understand that there will be a lot of clock noise on it. The data sheet almost threatens the worlds end if you don't put at 1nF or larger…

  • ADXL103: Noise in accelerometer

    We are currently using some of your accelerometers to measure subsea pipe
    motions for offshore applications (extremely small motion amplitude ~ 0.01 m
    and reasonably low frequency 0.03 Hz). I have a few questions regarding your
  • ADXL103/ADXL203 Sensitivity over frequency

    Can you guarantee that sensor output sensitivity is exactly the same when using
    at different frequencies?
    Can you provide sensitivity vs frequency characteristics for ADXL103 or ADXL203
    accelerometer sensor please?


  • ADXL103/203 allan deviation

    Anyone know where I might find ADXL103/203 allan deviation plot? It's not on the datasheet. I thought maybe there's another resource I can look at.


  • ADXL103/203 resonance compensation

    I read an appnote on the ADXL100 which shows an analog compensator for the 22KHz resonance of the device. This makes sense to me since I believe that the sensors have a consistant mechanical resosnance from part to part  to use a fixed compensation network…

  • adxl103 and adxl203 saturation recovery time

    For the adxl103 and adxl203, is there a graph of the output's recovery time once it has been saturated/shocked with varying degrees of magnitude up to the absolute maximum shock? Is there an internal reset that recognizes over/out-of-range activity and…