• PWB thickness of EVAL-ADXL1005


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer evaluates ADXL1005. Why are the evaluation boards of ADXL1002 and ADXL1005 different in board thickness? Is it related to the resonance frequency?



  • Test ADXL1005 with mechanical shaker

    Hi, I have a ADXL1005 Sensor with its evaluation board and I would like to test it with   a mechanical shaker. I havent been able to find one that fits the bandwith of this sensor, which resonates at 42KHz.

    What shaker would you recommend me to buy?

  • ADXL1005 Control inputs

    Hello, Can you please confirm STANDBY & ST pins float when not used, or best to tie to GND.

  • RE: ADXL1005 noise problem


    Just noticed this thread, as I was looking for something else. I would wonder if 14-bits would be enough for this particular situation. Let's assume that you need to support an equivalent range of +/-125g, in order to accommodate normal…

  • ADXL1001,ADXL1003,ADXL1005,Overload response

    Do you have the following data about ADXL1001, ADXL1003, ADXL1005?
    1. Offset voltage stability when the device is exposed to increasing acceleration.
    2. Peak clipping level when the device is exposed to excessive acceleration.


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  • Please Recommend approperiate ADC and MCU to analysis the analog output of ADXL1005

    I used ADXL1005 to monitor the vibration of Motors.  How would I select the correct ADC IC to sample  the analog output ADXL1005?

    Please recommend the ADC Sensitiity ,Resolution,Sample Rate 。

    And if I need FFT to analysis the freqency domain performance…

  • Could you give me a Gerber data of EVAL-ADXL1005

    I will want to make   EVAL-ADXL1005.

    Could you give me a Gerber data of EVAL-ADXL1005


  • About CSV file of ADXL1004 / 1005 frequency characteristic graph


    I am considering ADXL1004 / 1005.

    I want a csv file of the frequency characteristic graph in the data sheet Fig. 4 for the filter circuit design.

    Can you provide CSV files for each of ADXL1004 and ADXL1005?

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  • Performance of MEMS accelerometers during fast electromagnetic transients

    I was wondering if I could use ADXL1005 at a variable magnetic field (increase from 0 to 1 T in 1 s, then stable magnetic field for 1 s, then fast transient 0.1 T in 1 ms)? 

    Would you recommend any shielding for the accelerometer and/or cabling?


  • RE: ADXL1001 Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage

    Hello  !

    No worries at all. My respect goes to you, as well! 

    Fortunately, FormerMember was available to confirm the Excel table that we created, for this purpose. I hope that this helps. 

    With respect to the power supply question, I noticed something…