Thank you, for sharing your experience on this.  I will pass this to one of my colleagues for review and future revision.  

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  • ADXL1001,ADXL1003,ADXL1005,Overload response

    Do you have the following data about ADXL1001, ADXL1003, ADXL1005?
    1. Offset voltage stability when the device is exposed to increasing acceleration.
    2. Peak clipping level when the device is exposed to excessive acceleration.


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  • RE: ADXL1003Z self-test

    Hi Darshen, 

    To build on Mark's answer here. The self test routine is described on page 10 of the datasheet: https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADXL1003.pdf. It describes that you provide 5V at the VDD pin and 0V at…