• ADXL1002 power supply voltage


    I am using the ADXL 1002 in a project and I am planning to use a voltage regulator for the sensor, the MCU and other components.

    Due to compatibility with other components 3.3 V would be the best solution, but it is the lower limit of the power supply…

  • Hardware needed to convert and then store ADXL1002's output

    I am trying to get a setup for measuring and recording vibrations from a moving train's motor. The ADXL1002 is the accelerometer best suited for this. However I have to convert this to digital data and then stored (maybe in a microcontroller).


  • 单轴加速度传感器ADXL1002的非测量轴影响


    ADXL系列的压电式加速度传感器ADXL100X系列 单轴加速度计, 如何确定测量轴?



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  • How do I connect the EVAL ADXL1002 to a microcontroller?

    I am trying to connect the ADXL1002 sensor eval board to a Teensy microcontroller.

    The user guide does not explain what the pins are. Link to the guide is provided below. 


  • adxl1002 sensitivity issue

    hi dears:

               one cbm customer find adxl1002 sensitivity not like datasheet said ( about 26mv/g when power supply is 3.3v ), just only 20mv/g, so that want to know why?  enclosure piture is their demp product ( adxl1002 on the pcb board ). so please kindly…

  • RE: Replacing one ADXL1002 with one ADXL1001 in ADcmXL3021

    Merhaba Mr. Ünlü,

    currently there is no plan to bring an version of ADcmXL3021 with ADXL1001. 

    Changing existing XL1002 to XL1001 will affect not only range but also sensitivity and slightly noise density.
    That would mean some fundamental changes…

  • EVAL-ADXL1002 Boards are differently populated, new version?


    EVAL-ADXL100x has two RC LPFs populated on board. R1C2 and R2C1.

    User guide on the webpage shows however only one RC filter.

    Also with differnt values for Rs.

  • Noise issue for ADXL1002

    Dear Sir:

                  We would like use ADXL1002 for vibration monitoring application and We have some issue as when we put the ADXL1002 on stationary desktop and there are some noise in frequency domain as below picture(green line is sample1 for X and re…

  • ADXL1002 Zero g Bias Level

    Hi MEMS colleague,

    I'm DFAE from ESPL, we have promoted ADXL1002 to replace ADXL150 in our cusotmer, but customer found the Output Bias Voltage  up to 20mV (0.5g) when place the sensor horizontally (0g), we have checked ADXL150 and ADXL1002 and found…

  • ADXL1002 Accuracy Limitation

    Hi engineer team,


    I was looking on the ADXL1002 datasheet and I was wondering about something : is that significant and accurate to measure a voltage difference which is less than 2mV or 1mV with the ADXL1002 ? We know that the sensitivity is 40mV…