• ADXL1002 Zero g Bias Level

    Hi MEMS colleague,

    I'm DFAE from ESPL, we have promoted ADXL1002 to replace ADXL150 in our cusotmer, but customer found the Output Bias Voltage  up to 20mV (0.5g) when place the sensor horizontally (0g), we have checked ADXL150 and ADXL1002 and found…

  • Noise issue for ADXL1002

    Dear Sir:

                  We would like use ADXL1002 for vibration monitoring application and We have some issue as when we put the ADXL1002 on stationary desktop and there are some noise in frequency domain as below picture(green line is sample1 for X and re…

  • RE: ADXL1002BCPZ

    Hi Suzuki-san (FormerMember), 

    I'm very sorry for the late reply. What we can provide you is the link to the breakout board files for ADXL1002 (ADXL1001 and ADXL1002 Breakout Board documentation: [Analog Devices Wiki] ) 

    Warm Regards, 


  • RE: ADXL1002 Accuracy Limitation

    Thank you for your post.  While you are correctly citing the sensitivity error and measurement range from the ADXL1002 datasheet, I do not understand how that limits the capability of the ADXL1002 as a vibration sensor, nor do I understand why the sensitivity…

  • ADXL1002 frequency response problem

    I'm developing a board using the adxl1002 accelerometer. I collected a lot of points using a reference accelerometer as a base and the measurements that the accelerometer are presenting to me are not according to the datasheet. Has anyone had the same…
  • What is the ideal way to mount the ADXL1002 vertically to sense out-of-plane acceleration?

    I want to use the ADXL1002 to sense acceleration in the Z direction. What are the design consideration that I must take into account for such an orientation?

  • RE: triaxial vibration sensor

    I agree with your assesment Mark.  I'm not clear exactly how acquistion time is defined but in terms of Sample Rate, the way to achieve faster acquisition times would be to use an external ADC which has a data acquisition time suited for the application…

  • To know the dimension of ADXL1002 evaluation board.

    I am going to use ADXL1002 evaluation board for monitoring the vibrations of the machine. To develop the assembly, i need to know the dimension of this evaluation board.

  • RE: ADXL372 Noise

    Another option to consider is the ADXL1001 or ADXL1002.  These support the bandwidth you are looking for, lower noise and power than the ADXL001.  Take a look at the datasheets online.


  • ADXL1002输出问题

    ADXL1002, ST引脚接高电平时,输出电压比没有接的时候高0.3V,数据手册要求这个电压在0.5V,这是什么原因?另外有个自测引脚如何理解