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  • Replacing one ADXL1002 with one ADXL1001 in ADcmXL3021


    We are interested in using the ADcmXL3021 for condition monitoring. Unfortunately, we need a range of +/- 100 g on the z-axis.

    Will there be a model which will use the ADXL1001?
    Or is it possible to easily replace the z-axis ADXL1002 with an ADXL1001…

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  • RE: “芯”来乍到,求赞、求围观!




    如今,ADXL1001和ADXL1002在高频率范围的噪声性能与现有压电传感器技术不相上下,故ADI MEMS加速度计是新型条件监测产品的极具吸引力的选择…

  • RE: THe ADXL193 and ADXL278 are going obsolete what is their replacement parts and when will it be available?

    Thank you for using these products in your work and for your post!  Unfortunately, we do not have direct replacements for these devices but are releasing a number of accelerometers that might be worth your consideration.  To start with, you might want to…

  • RE: Identification of the correct G value of accelerometer

    The ADXL356 (triaxial) and ADXL1001/2 (wider bandwidth) provide a couple of options to consider. Hope this helps!

  • RE: Is it possible to change the accelerometer on CN0532? If so, what is required to do this?

    Yes, it is possible to swap ADXL1002 with ADXL1001 without any modifications to the low pass filter components.

    For other sensors in the ADXL100x family, the 3dB bandwidths are significantly different to ADXL1002 so passives will need to be modified to…

  • RE: Sensitivity of the ADXL 1000 family to infrared light

    Hi audio@audiochiemgau.de

    Thank you for your use of ADXL1001. We will investigate this further and will get back to you as soon that we have a conclusion. 

    Best Regards,

  • RE: ADXL372 Noise

    Another option to consider is the ADXL1001 or ADXL1002.  These support the bandwidth you are looking for, lower noise and power than the ADXL001.  Take a look at the datasheets online.


  • RE: ADXL1002BCPZ

    Hi Suzuki-san (FormerMember), 

    I'm very sorry for the late reply. What we can provide you is the link to the breakout board files for ADXL1002 (ADXL1001 and ADXL1002 Breakout Board documentation: [Analog Devices Wiki] ) 

    Warm Regards,