• ADXL1001 Vibration Rectification Error


    The measurement result is difficult because linearity and 0goffset do not match.
    That is my request.
    Do you have vibration rectificaton error graps of ADXL1001?



  • RE: is the adxl1001 suitable for condition monitoring?


    Thank you for your question. Sorry for the delayed response. 

    Although the ADXL1001's application include condition monitoring, considering the amplitudes given off by the rolling bearing (+/- 1g), it would be better to use ADXL354 (https…

  • ADXL1001/1002 motion indication.

    Dear Miss, Mister.

    I'm confused about the axix of sensitivity of your ADXL1001/1002 product.

    When moving the accelerometer in the "+" direction, should i have a positive signal at the output of it (pin 30)?

    When i' m pointing the accelerometer…

  • RE: ADXL1001 Noise Calculation

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • ADXL1001 Daq system software

    Hello everyone. I would like to set up a daq system that could read data from accelerometers like ADXL001 or ADXL1001, up to 8 channels. The setup I was thinking of includes:

    - EVAL-ADXL1001Z

    - EVAL-AD7771FMCZ


    What software can I use…

  • Replacing one ADXL1002 with one ADXL1001 in ADcmXL3021


    We are interested in using the ADcmXL3021 for condition monitoring. Unfortunately, we need a range of +/- 100 g on the z-axis.

    Will there be a model which will use the ADXL1001?
    Or is it possible to easily replace the z-axis ADXL1002 with an ADXL1001…

  • RE: Identification of the correct G value of accelerometer

    The ADXL356 (triaxial) and ADXL1001/2 (wider bandwidth) provide a couple of options to consider. Hope this helps!

  • RE: THe ADXL193 and ADXL278 are going obsolete what is their replacement parts and when will it be available?

    Thank you for using these products in your work and for your post!  Unfortunately, we do not have direct replacements for these devices but are releasing a number of accelerometers that might be worth your consideration.  To start with, you might want to…

  • RE: ADXL372 Noise

    Another option to consider is the ADXL1001 or ADXL1002.  These support the bandwidth you are looking for, lower noise and power than the ADXL001.  Take a look at the datasheets online.


  • ADXL1001加速度计没有输出