• ADXL1001 Damaged / Electrical Spikes

    Dear Analog,

    I have been using for quite some time the Analog evaluation board EVAL-ADXL1001Z for the accelerometer ADXL1001.

    I have been facing issues, 2 boards are damaged (not outputting any acceleration reading) and 1 board now is producing some random…

  • RE: ADXL1001 Linear plot of sensitivity with voltage

    hello Nevadamark,

    lont time to not communicate with u. wish u everyhing is ok. Chinese new year just gone away and my vacation is over. i have back to office and on going the development of ADXL1001. so do u have something to  update for me about  research…

  • ADXL1001,ADXL1003,ADXL1005,Overload response

    Do you have the following data about ADXL1001, ADXL1003, ADXL1005?
    1. Offset voltage stability when the device is exposed to increasing acceleration.
    2. Peak clipping level when the device is exposed to excessive acceleration.


    Best regards

  • 关于ADXL1001评估版

    这个评估版共六个引脚,是VDD GND接电源,然后ST STB也要接地,Vout才会有正确的输出结果吗

  • ADXL1001的相关问题

    1、只连接VDD和GND,ST STB不接地,Vout可以正常输出吗

    2、我现在是单连接VDD GND,然后Vout输出,但是输出的信号经滤波后得到的峰峰值一直都是1.02V左右的值,我改变物体的加速度但是评估版输出的值一直不变是什么原因啊


  • ADXL1001 Frequency Response


    We are using your model ADXL1001 and ADXL1002 chips in our packaged vibration sensors for various applications. We have been testing the frequency response of your sensors on our high frequency Spektra calibration s haker (certified from 10Hz to 50KHz…

  • ADXL1001的尺寸问题



  • 关于ADXL1001的连线问题


  • ADXL1001 Vibration Rectification Error


    The measurement result is difficult because linearity and 0goffset do not match.
    That is my request.
    Do you have vibration rectificaton error graps of ADXL1001?



  • RE: Replacing one ADXL1002 with one ADXL1001 in ADcmXL3021

    Merhaba Mr. Ünlü,

    currently there is no plan to bring an version of ADcmXL3021 with ADXL1001. 

    Changing existing XL1002 to XL1001 will affect not only range but also sensitivity and slightly noise density.
    That would mean some fundamental changes…