• ADXL1001 Noise Calculation


    I'm a student working with the ADXL1001 Accelerometer for vibration measurement (using LabView). I am trying to measure the noise of the sensor. As per my understanding so far, this is what I have done:

    *Mounted the sensor

    *Measured the…

  • ADXL1001 Frequency Response


    We are using your model ADXL1001 and ADXL1002 chips in our packaged vibration sensors for various applications. We have been testing the frequency response of your sensors on our high frequency Spektra calibration s haker (certified from 10Hz to 50KHz…

  • RE: ADXL1001,ADXL1003,ADXL1005,Overload response

    Please refer to the Over-Range section of the datasheet.  This is a snippet form the datasheet. 

  • ADXL1001 Daq system software

    Hello everyone. I would like to set up a daq system that could read data from accelerometers like ADXL001 or ADXL1001, up to 8 channels. The setup I was thinking of includes:

    - EVAL-ADXL1001Z

    - EVAL-AD7771FMCZ


    What software can I use…

  • ADXL1001 Vibration Rectification Error


    The measurement result is difficult because linearity and 0goffset do not match.
    That is my request.
    Do you have vibration rectificaton error graps of ADXL1001?



  • ADXL1001/1002 motion indication.

    Dear Miss, Mister.

    I'm confused about the axix of sensitivity of your ADXL1001/1002 product.

    When moving the accelerometer in the "+" direction, should i have a positive signal at the output of it (pin 30)?

    When i' m pointing the accelerometer…

  • RE: 关于ADXL1001评估版

    是的,STB, ST 都需要接地。

  • RE: ADXL1001的相关问题

    ST STB 必须是低电平,另外底部的EPAD也需要接地。评估版对0Hz的信号都有响应,你可以通过摆放不同的倾斜位置来实现。

  • is the adxl1001 suitable for condition monitoring?


    I want to monitor the condition of a rolling bearing. For this I want to use a mems acceleration sensor. In a first research I came across the ADXL1001. according to the data sheet it is suitable for accelerations of up to +/- 100g and has a sensitivity…

  • ADXL1001的尺寸问题