• ADXL001


    I am using an EVAL ADXL001 to measure the force of a punch. I am not sure what is the Self-test(ST) pin for. Do I connect it to ground?

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  • discern ADXL001


    I have made the really stupid and unfortunate mistake of mixing several ADXL001-500BEZ-ND with ADXL001-250BEZ-ND. I can barely read the inscriptions at the top, but I think they are:








    Could someone…

  • ADXL001 - Calibration


    In a design, I need to integrate a calibrated ADXL001-500 sensor for my customer.

    1) Is it possible to buy an ADXL001-500 sensor and to receive a frequency response calibration for this sensor (from 0.1Hz to 2kHz) from Analog Devices (like do Meas…

  • EVAL-ADXL001


    I have got an EVAL- ADXL001 board recently. Firstly, I have connect the board to dataphysics analyzes, but what I have got just like a sinusoidal signal and when I shake the board the signal did not change. What does that mean and do I need to shorten…

  • EVAL-ADXL001

    Hello everyone,

    I have built a testing setup that uses EVAL-ADXL001 as a calibration for the acceleration applied.  A general view of the setup is shown in the figure below.   Basically it is constructed of a speaker that serves as a shaker.  A plastic fixture…

  • ADXL001 delay


    I am measuring vibration in the range from 100Hz to 1kH using the ADXL001 500. I am comparing my results with displacement data. The amplitude of both signals are perfectly coherent but there is what seems to be a constant trend in the angle between…

  • ADXL001 Tiny Part Number

    One customer said on the top of his ADXL001, it print '00L50', he is not sure
    whether this is ADXL001. If it is, then it's -70, -250 or -500?


    00150 – 500g version
    00125 – 250g version
    00170 – 70g version
  • ADXL001: Self-Test usage

    How to use the self test for ADXL001-x?


    To check if the ADXL001 is functioning normally, you can read the offset (or
    output) without enabling self-test and it should be within the datasheet limits
    (at 5V supply: 2.00V to 3.00V; at 3…
  • ADXL001 noisy output

    Dear community users,

    at the moment I try to set up a vibration monitoring system using the MEMS accelerometer ADXL001. To "check" the ADXL001 I have just made a small pcb. On this pcb I soldered the ADXL001 and two capacitors. One capacitor at the power…

  • ADXL001 ADC Suggestion

    I am not sure you do, would you suggest using AD1974 or AD176-2 or something different with ADXL001 then? Olov