• ADV8005 without front end receiver for OSD display


    My current architecture is HDMI source-->ADV7612 --> ADV8005 --> scaler,

    When there is no input HDMI signal, I enable ADV7612 freerun for ADV8005 OSD display,

    We have a question, the scaler IC can generate H sync, V sync, and DE signal.


  • industrial temp grade ADV8005

    I would like to use the ADV8005 over the industrial temperature range of -40C to 70C.  It appears to be currently specified from 0 to 70C.  Is there an industrial version of the ADV8005, or similar video processor?  Any plans to do so for the future?

  • ADV8005 - Power consumption without DDR use.


    The ADV8005 datasheet shows the Digital Power Supply Currents as 1.693mA.

    I do not need to use external DDR memories and the device will just do the downscale from 1080p to 720p at the same frame rate in only one HDMI port.

    Does I need to consider…

  • ADV8005 and ADN4654 for Galvanic Isolation


    We need to implement galvanic isolation in video equipment with VGA, CVBS and DVI input interfaces.

    The following diagram shows one of our approaches.


    Although the input image may be at 1920x1080p60 (Full HD), it will be converted to 1280x720p60…

  • Is the ADV8005 pin-to-pin compatible between the models?


    Is the ADV8005 pin-to-pin compatible between the models 8A, 8N, 8B and 8C?

    Per example, if I'm using the 8B model and it is going to out of stock, can I assemble the 8A in its place?

    Thank you,


  • ADV8005 HDMI TX output resolution


    I want to know when ADV8005 memory mode is set to YCbCr-12b-10b-10b

    And HDMI TX color depth is set to 30bit, (10bit x 3)

    What is the max output level will be? 1020 or 1023?

    It seems the max value is force to 1020?

    I try to use contrast to set to…

  • ADV8005 - Application Video Walls

    We'd like to use ADV8005 for video walls application. 
    Here is system structure:
    1. One HDMI input (4K/2K@30Hz)
    2. Two HDMI output to TV
    3. To use two ADV8005 for 2x2 video walls. 
    1. Does ADV8005 HDMI input could be separated to two HDMI…
  • ADV8005 test pattern

    I'm trying to validate hardware connection for a new board mounting ADV8005 component. I tried to activate the test pattern (register e431[2] set to 1) and view it on component output, but I have no signals on relevant output pin. How can I exclude the…

  • ADV8005 I2C SDA/SCL rise time at 100 kHz?

    Looking at the data sheet for ADV8005 (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADV8005.pdf) for the I2C specific parts I wonder what the maximum allowed rise time for SDA and SCL is at 100 kHz. Is it still 300 ns?

    I2C spec…

  • ADV8005 for dual link DVI

    Using ADV8005, can I genarate Dual Link DVI signal(TMDS) to LCD(2048x2048) which has dual link DVI intarface?