• How can I restore u-boot on EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ?

    The EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ ships with the u-boot bootloader to allow reprogramming the OSD binary and application binary using RS232.

    If the user accidentally erases the u-boot bootloader, they will need the following in order to restore u-boot:

    * JTAG debugger…

  • ADV8005 schematic diagram

    Hi all,

          I see the information :We plan to design a new PCB for EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ and EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ-P in 2015. So ,where can i get the  schematic diagram?



  • ADV8005 and DDR2

    Hi all,

         If  I use the ADV8005 just as a HDMI phy chip to change video format from TTL to HDMI format ,is there a DDR2 needed to use?



  • Disturbs on analog output (RGB) using ADV8005

    Good morning, we are observing RGB output from ADV8005, processor is configured for PAL format. As an input we're using a reference video generator. In the image you see two of the color signal when using 75% color bar reference image (left) and a full…

  • [ADV8005]SPI loop through is not possible

    I'm using ADV8005 on my application board.
    I use SPI flash (MT25QL128ABA) for OSD and connected to SPI2.
    MCU(STM32F4) connected to SPI1 and set SPI loop through, but SPI-SCK does not output to SPI flash from the SPI2 port.
    Is there something wrong…

  • [EVAL-ADV8005] SD encoder output settings


    I want to output an SD image (component or composite) with EVAL-AV8005.
    The parts required for SD output have been mounted.
    Please give an example of register setting.

    Thank you.

  • [ADV8005]Simultaneous output of SD encoder Y/C and RGB


    Currently, on my board, DAC1 to DAC6 of the ADV8005 are configured as follows.
    I use only the SD encoder, not the ED/HD encoder.
    DAC1: Y
    DAC2: C
    DAC3: Y
    DAC4: C
    DAC5: none
    DAC6: none

    I would like to change it as follows. Is it possible for the SD encoder…

  • ADV8005 3D timing capability ?


    We have new project consider to use ADV8005 , but need to support 3D structure "line alternative mode".

    Can someone help to check either ADV8005 support 3D line alternative mode?

    BTW , ADV8005 datasheet mentioned , ADV8005 can support all…

  • ADV8005 without front end receiver for OSD display


    My current architecture is HDMI source-->ADV7612 --> ADV8005 --> scaler,

    When there is no input HDMI signal, I enable ADV7612 freerun for ADV8005 OSD display,

    We have a question, the scaler IC can generate H sync, V sync, and DE signal.


  • industrial temp grade ADV8005

    I would like to use the ADV8005 over the industrial temperature range of -40C to 70C.  It appears to be currently specified from 0 to 70C.  Is there an industrial version of the ADV8005, or similar video processor?  Any plans to do so for the future?