• ADV8005 Revision


    We have been using the ADV8005 KBCZ-8N successfully for many years. We use the 8N version because we need TTL port in and out.

    Our last build of boards suddenly do not work. The parts are labeled KBCZ-8N-U1, date code 2139

    What does "-U1" mean…

  • ADV8005 Tx Reset Strategy


    About Tx reset method, it can use 0x1AFC[7].

    Can ADI provide more information about "mimic the behaviour of hardware powerdown"?



  • ADV8005 Tx register setting

    Hi all:

    We meet an issue about ADV8005 TX control.

    Our connection is ADV7612-->ADV8005-->Scaler in our monitor design.

    When FW detects no input from ADV7612, FW will disable ADV8005 Tx clock output. FW will not power down Tx block.

    The Tx clock…

  • How to use ADV8005?


    How is the ADV8005 used?

    The connection is configured as shown in the figure.

    I would like to know how to configure the ADV8005 to display images on the display.
    I have set up the ADV8005 in the following order, but the images do not appear on…

  • ADV8005 evaluation board software package documents

    Documents for ADV8005 evaluation board software package

    Advantiv_SW_Architecture_SpecificationsPr2.2.pdf Advantiv Software architecture specifications
    ADV8005_eval_board_Ext_OSD_Sw_Demo_User_ManualPR0.1.pdf External OSD evaluation board demo command…
  • How to update ADV8005 OSD data in DDR2 memory?


    How can we update the OSD image data in DDR2 memory?


    RE: How to update ADV8005 OSD data in DDR2 memory? by Schang:

    In blimp, OsdImage component has the loadImageData method to load the raw image data from MCU RAM to DDR2 memory and updates…

  • ADV8005:How to use

    Hi team

    I am planning to use an ADV8005 Serial Video RX core and two TX cores.

    So, could you please tell me if I can use the ADV8005 in the following way?
    A) HDMI signal 2160p30fps (297MHz) input is split into two and HDMI output 4K30fps (297MHz).
    B) Similarly…

  • Where can I find documentation for ADV8005?

    Documentation for the ADV8005 can be found on the product page: [http://www.analog.com/en/audiovideo-products/analoghdmidvi-interfaces/adv8005/products/product.html].

    There will be a Design Support Files page for ADV8005 on the video forum available…

  • Dual external OSD in PIP/POP with ADV8005 - demo binaries

    File name Description

    Application binary to load on ADV8005SMZ evaluation  board.

    Refer to AdvantivTm EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ Video Evaluation Board  for instructions on how to load binary.