• RE: ADV8005 and DDR2


     DDR2 configuration is required only when we use the DDR2 memory.

     For your requirement(TTL to HDMI) these writes are not required.So you can skip these DDR writes.

     Please note that configuring this manually allows the user to have very flexible control…

  • [ADV8005] the I2C address of ADV8005 generated by Blimp

    Blimp generates C codes to be compiled into MCU. The generated C codes always set the address of ADV8005 as 0x1A on I2C bus. "0x1A" is written explicitly and scattered thoughout the source codes.

    What if the I2C address of ADV8005 must be 0x18…

  • ADV8005 schematic diagram

    Hi all,

          I see the information :We plan to design a new PCB for EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ and EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ-P in 2015. So ,where can i get the  schematic diagram?



  • (ADV8005)Can ADV8005 change 3K 30fps to 3K 60fps and output from HDMI using only one port?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV8005.

    Can ADV8005 change RGB888 24bits 3K82560×1600) 30fps to 3K(2560×1600) 60fps and output from HDMI using only one port?

    Best regards


  • RE: [EVAL-ADV8005] SD encoder output settings


      But in user guide document its mentioned like '0' as enabled and '1' as disabled. Due to lockdown here we don't have eval board to crosscheck the SD test pattern bit with user guide mentioned information.

      Mostly there will not…

  • RE: [ADV8005]Simultaneous output of SD encoder Y/C and RGB


     No its not possible to output Y/C and RGB output in SD encoder, this you can acheive only by using SD and ED/HD encoder simultaneously.

     Please note that DACs 4-6 you can use for outputting the SD signals. So you can output only either RGB or Y/C in…

  • ADV8005


    Does the ADV8005 support H264 decoding/encoding,



  • ADV8005



    Can someone help in following questions?

    What is ADV8005 HDCP Compliance version ?

    New HDMI License information,where can i get full license fee structure?


    Many Thanks


  • RE: [ADV8005]SPI loop through is not possible


    Thank you for answering.
    I tried with register setting 0x1ACE = 0x00, but no SCK was output.
    Are there any other registers that need to be configured to enable SPI?
    Also, is there an order to set the registers?
    The hardware is directly connected to the…



    I have a question about ADV8005 TX, I set TX mode with DVI mode.

    ADV8005 TX --> Sink(Monitor)

    If sink already power on and ADV8005 Tx output signal, then sink can display correct DVI signal from ADV8005.

    If sink is power off, and ADV8005 Tx…