• ADV8003

    Can the ADV8003 T part output 800 x 600 at 60 and 75 Hz ?

  • ADV8003 OSD

    I'm primarily a hardware engineer and want to overlay some simple, immediate,

    autonomous OSD text through the RS232 interface of your ADV8003 HDMI video

    processor evaluation board (did not purchase board yet). I want to keep things

    as simple…

  • ADV8003 NTSC acquisition

    Does anyone experienced with ADV8003 NTSC acquisition?

    Do you think is possible?

    I can see this configuration for the input

    0xFE - 720x480i@60Hz that seems to be NTSC

    but I think that NTSC is 485 active lines.

    Can someone explain this fact?

  • ADV8003 scripts

    We are looking at the ADV8003.

    1) Under Component Evaluation at this website:


    "Scripts will be added for the ADV8005 and ADV8003 NatureVueTm Video Signal
    Processors to add functions (like Picture-in-Picture…

  • ADV8003 sync

    Q1.  I have 2 SD inputs into the ADV8003 that I want to scale and blend, side by side, and sync them both to a third HD input that is being passed through.  Can the ADV8003 be configured this way?

    Q2.  What is the latency of the HD signal being passed through…

  • ADV8003 Datasheet

    Where I can  find the Full datasheet for ADV8003, and how to sign the NDA, I am in UAE and cant find a local distrebuter, please help

  • ADV8003 data input

    I am thinking about using the ADV8003 chip and I have a question

    regarding the HDMI input to the device. I am not planning to use the HDCP

    version, but I would still like to utilize the HDMI port as an input from an

    FPGA since I need to use the…

  • AD9984A+ADV8003

    I would like to use AD9984A as the RGB input source, but i found that it can't output the DE signal or embed SAV/EAV signals. And the ADV8003's TTL input port needs the DE signal or the AV-CODE(SAV/EAV) signal. so how can i connect them in my design.…

  • RE: ADV8003 DDR2


      Yes, And also refer schematic about this at ez.analog.com/.../advantiv-eval-adv8003-smz-video-evaluation-board

      Note: ADV8005 can directly replace the ADV8003 in layouts.  We have already done this on several of our boards.  The ADV8003 can only handle…

  • Power-Up Sequence ADV8003


    From data sheet of ADV8003, during the power-up sequence of the ADV8003,

    1. Hold the /RESET and PDN pins low.

    2. Bring up the 3.3 V supplies (DVDD_IO, AVDD1, AVDD2).

    3. A minimum delay of 20 ms is required from the point at which the 3.3 V reaches…