• ADV7842 Register programming

    For ADV7842 Register programming, data writing as per following script.

    Here As per my understanding I2C IO Map address is 0x40, and next addresses are programmable but before accessing 0x40 I2C, 0x50 is accessing, what is the existence of 0x50 I2C slave…

  • ADV7842 HDMI port configuration

    We are working on ADV7842, for this we are trying to configure HDMI script in ADV7842 using following script, Here 0x72 slave device ID is no where configured, how to access 0x72 slave device.

    :6-1a Port A, 480p 576p YPrPb 444 in, RGB 444 out, Through…

  • ADV7842 - Integrating AVES3 compatibility into our custom design?

    Hi there,

    I have some questions regarding if it is possible to use the AVES3 software with our custom PCB design using the ADV7842.

    The idea is when we create our custom design,we would like to have our MCU perform the same communication functions as…

  • Advantiv EVAL-ADV7842-7511 Video Evaluation Board

    This FAQ applies to EVAL-ADV7842-7511 and EVAL-ADV7842-7511P. All support files in their latest versions will be attached below.

    Below are the support files for these evaluation board. We recommend that, if you download and use these files, you subscribe…

  • ADV7842 STDI data valid unstable issue

    during manufacturing test, customer found some board the STDI data valid (IO MAP 0x42 bit4varying between 0 and 1 when the board in above 50degC ambient. And with this issue, the output is abnormal.

     what's the cause of STDI data valid status unstable…

  • Required Video CPU to ADV7842


    I am looking for Video CPU to interface ADV7842 36-bit RGB/YcrCb lines.

    CPU must have also 10/100 Base ethernet MAC.

    Application for this product is to take video input on VGA, convert analog video into digital RGB/YCrCb and transfer video over-IP…

  • ADV7842 analog input resistances


    I saw ADV7842 evaluation board schematic and it uses a combination of 51.1R and 24R resistors. My question is, can I just replace them with a single 75R termination resistor to ground from each analog video signal (composite, component, s-video…

  • ADV7842 Problems with analog video input/output (CP in freerun)

    HI all,

    I am working with the ADV7842 Eval Kit and running into an issue with analog video input/output.  In short, I am outputting RGB analog video from a video generator, the ADV7842 appears to be acquiring the video signals correctly, but I am having…

  • AFE MAP SET registers in ADV7842 not able to write but able to read

    We have made a board, using ADV7842 connected to Processor board running on linux.

    We are using linux driver(GPL.lisence).

    Here we could able to read and write CP memory map registers but we are not able to write AFE memory map registers.

    Evolution board…

  • How to generate RGB888, RGB666, RGB565 output formats in ADV7842


    I am using ADV7842 board and ADV7842 output is connected to MIPI converter(video data is converting into MIPI format) and this converter supporting Input formats as "RGB666, Loosely RGB666, RGB888, RGB565, 16-bit YCbCr4:2:2, 24-bit YCbCr 4:2…