• ADV7672 Documentation and Support

    I have tried to contact support and sales directly about the ADV7672 but they keep responding to ask here instead.

    As far as I'm aware this device is under NDA so it didn't seem appropriate to ask it publically.

    Is it possible to get the full specification…

  • ADV7672 further information


    We have a customer that would really like to utilise ADV7672. Is it possible to get a full datasheet please? Also, any information on Evaluation kits etc?

    Many thanks,


  • ADV7672 video split application

    I am looking for video split solution and find ADV7672 can support video split mode, but ADV7672 is pre-releases status.  Would you pls check if ADV7672 can support 7680x4320@30Hz and output 2 HDMI 2.0 port? If can support two HDMI2.0, what the relationship…

  • ADV7672 Hidden CRC function like the ADV7625


    I have a customer that is interested in the new HDMI transceivers like the ADV7672. He currently has a product with the ADV7625, and wants to know if the ADV7672 or any of it's family has the CRC function i.e. hidden CRC function.

    Let me know…

  • ADV7674 / ADV7672 OSD merge - how to implement


    We plan to design sound bar and TV product for high-end market. 

    1. Is there suggested OSD solution like as ICs/Chips for OSD menu?

    2. How to implement OSD like as merge / blender with Video spurce?

    To consider TV SoC ability which can't receive…

  • RE: 4k60 TX\RX IC


      ADV7672 can support 4k60(i.e 600Mhz), but this product is under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and we are unable to provide support for it in the public Engineer-Zone community. To receive support on this product, please contact your Analog Devices…