• Customer hardware validation scripts for ADV7630

    We provide the attached scripts in order to assist customers with validating their hardware (boards) based on the ADV7630.

    For customer product software, we recommend that customers license the source code for our ADV7630 software driver.


  • ADV7630 Design Support files

    The ADV7630 is a HDMI 1:2 Splitter with 4:1 input.

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7630 requires; these are attached and linked

    below. If you download and use these documents, we recommend…

  • ADV7630 issues at frequencies greater than 150MHz?

    The ADV7630 must be configured differently depending on whether the clock frequency is within the range 27MHz to 150MHz or above 150MHz.

    HDMI Tx Test Map, 0x24 = 0x00 (default) for TMDS clock frequencies in the range 27MHz to 150MHz

    HDMI Tx Test Map…

  • ADV7630


    I have following questions for ADV7630. Please let me know.

    1. Regarding driver function for Tx block

    As for ADV7630, does it have a driver(buffer) function like a pre-emphasis in Tx block? I would like to check whether they need to have additional…

  • RE: ADV7630: How to TMDS PLL reset


     When writing to the reset bit, the device will not acknowledge. All ADV parts will behave the same way. It resets quickly so you likely never got the ACK.

     Please make sure - After a reset, it's recommended to wait 5ms before you initiate an I2C transaction…

  • ADV7630 TXA,B image blinking


    I would like to confirm ADV7630 for recommended setting.

    We have document of "ADV7630 Register Settings Recommendations Rev1.1".

    According to it, we have to set TXA, TXB at below/above 150MHz following "1.5 HDMI Transmitters Dynamic…

  • adv7511 driver adv7630


      now I want to show the same vedio on  HDMI and DVI  screen,but the fpga  using     pins   is no more for two adv7511,so  I want to use ADV7511 to driver adv7630 for HDMI and DVI。

      the idea is good?  or have you other better  idea for this? please tell me …

  • ADV7511 to ADV7630 for HDMI AND DVI


       now  i  want to use FPGA to driver 2 channel 1080P@60FPS to HDMI and DVI(same vedio),there are no more pins to connect 2 ADV7511,so want to using one ADV7511 to driver ADV7630 and  Splitter   two channe TMDS for HDMI and DVI, 

        the idea  is good idea…

  • What is XpressView in ADV7630?

    ADV7630 has XpressView.
    But ADV7625 doesn't have XpressView.

    I think that XpressView is Background mode(HDMI-0x02).

    Is my opinion right?

    What is fast switching by XpressView?

    HDCP link? Changing source?

    Best regard.