• Can ADV7630 connect like daisy chain?

    Can ADV7630 connect like daisy chain?

    I have evaluated ADV7630.

    I tried connect ADV7630 like daisy chain.

    ADV7630 - HDMI cable 5m - ADV7630 - HDMI cable 5m ... (ADV7630 x 16)

    But ADV7630 of the back is unstable.

    Can't ADV7630 connect like daisy chin…

  • ADV7630 DDCI2C question

    ADV7630 in used external the EDID ROM.

    If the system or ADV7630 is not powered. The ADV7630 DDCI2C pin is high impedance or not.

    And Whether the ADV7630 will let external EDID ROM I2C address can not make work. Thanks~~

  • RE: ADV7630/ADV7623  can't display correctly with Apple TVbox MD199 LL/A

    For ADV7630, use customer own SW, which already MP, I have no ADV7630 evb in hand now.

    also tried script on ADV7630

  • RE: Request a Schematic Review (with ADV7630)

    Hi Se-Woong 

    Can you share me the schematic file that you used for ADV7630 for HDMI splitting ?


    adv7630 project support

  • ADV7630 Design Support files

    The ADV7630 is a HDMI 1:2 Splitter with 4:1 input.

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7630 requires; these are attached and linked

    below. If you download and use these documents, we recommend…

  • RE: ADV7630: How to TMDS PLL reset

    Hi AimPoint,

    I have been comparing the design of ADV7844 and ADV7630 and it seems you can use Figure 3 in the ADV7844 recommended settings document with the following changes:

    * ADV7844 0x60[4] PortA is 0xCD[0] in ADV7630

    * ADV7844 0x60[0] PortB is…

  • RE: ADV7630 internal EDID issue

    Hi Joseph,

    Are you using our evaluation board for the ADV7630 (EVAL-ADV7630EBZ)?

    Are you referring to the latest scripts that are posted in ADV7630 Design Support Files FAQ here:

    ADV7630 Design Support files


  • RE: ADV7630 SInk hotplug issue

    By current custoemr demand, they want to ADV7630 can keep output regardless of the sink on or off ( it is said, the ADV7630 always output HDMI signal regardless of the HPD (hot plug) status);

    i try to let customer set the "HPD_DISABLE" to '`11'…

  • Supporting display resolution of ADV7630


    My customer asks some questions about a supporting display resolution of ADV7630.

    " The ADV7630 incorporates a 1:2 HDMI splitter with 4:1 multiplexed input receiver that supports all mandatory and many optional 3D formats, DTV formats up…

  • RE: Customer hardware for ADV7630


    Yes your understanding is correct, you need evaluation board. Please also go through ADV7630 Evaluation note which is available at ADV7630 design support files

    Software driver for download option is not enabled in ADV7630 design support fi…