• ADV7627 Design Support Files

    The ADV7627 is a 5-input, 1-output HDMI transceiver with character- and icon-based OSD.

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  • ADV7627

    Please send hardware manual of ADV7627 / 6.
    Or it can be a difference list with ADV7625.

  • ADV7627's RESET_B and I2C


    I have two quick questions regarding ADV7627

    1. Would it cause any issue if the ADV7627's RESET_B pin are held "low" for extended time?
      • I am trying to implement a power down state for ADV7627 on my board.  Since there is no PDN_B…
  • Different between ADV7627 and ADV7623 about OSD

    What is difference OSD performance between ADV7627 and ADV7623 ?

    Does ADV7627 have dis-advantage comparing with 7623 ?

    Considering replacement from 7623 to 7627


  • Customer hardware validation scripts for ADV7627

    We provide the attached scripts in order to assist customers with validating their hardware (boards) based on the ADV7627.

    For customer product software, we recommend that customers license the source code for our ADV7627 software driver.


  • RE: AV_MUTE of 5 seconds occurs at a source change.

    Mr. PoornimaSubramani

    I'm sorry.

    My configuration was wrong.

    ADV7625 uses RX1(0x68), RX2(0x58), TXA(0xB8), TXB(0xF8).

    RX1 : IO - 0xEC - 0x68
    RX2 : IO - 0xF0 - 0x58
    TXA : IO - 0xF4 - 0xB8
    TXB : IO - 0xF9 - 0xF8

    ADV7627 uses RX2(0x58), TXB(0xF8).

  • ADV7627 SPI flash size limitations


    Could anyone tell me if there is a SPI flash size limitation for OSD function on ADV7627?

    The datasheet does not seem to mention the upper limit of the size, and the SPI-NOR used on the reference EVB is now obsolete (8Mbit M25P80-VMN6TP) .  The latest…

  • RE: ADV7626 Script Configuration

    Please note that we can only sell ADV7625/ADV7626/ADV7627 to organizations that have licensed the HDCP technology.

    If you are not an HDCP licensee, then you should not be working with ADV7625/ADV7626/ADV7627. Please consider one of our HDMI devices …

  • RE: ADV7627 audio question

    The ADV7627 and either:

    1) Extract the audio from the incoming video via Digital Audio Output Port

    2) Pass the audio from the input to the output

    3) Insert new audio into the output stream via the Digital Audio Input Port

    The ADV7627 does not process…