• [Need urgent help on Adv7626 Osd function]: emulator is ok but with adv7626 all osd picture are abnormal

    Hi all:

        i with blimp 3.7 to designed a osd project and emulated the project with emulator in my personal computer. All are my wanting.

        but when i download the bin file into the flash and after the adv7626 begin to action, the osd picture can show…

  • ADV7626

    When the ADV7626 has no power supply is it necessary to add additional circuitry to hold the hot plug detect line low in order to stop a connected computer attempting to read the EDID from the ADV7626? This was necessary on the ADV7611 HDMI receiver.

  • ADV7626

    Is linux device driver is available for ADV7626. If available could you please provide us.

  • ADV7626

    Will the ADV7626 take an unencrypted HDMI video input and encrypt the output under user control?

  • ADV7626


    Does ADV7626 is used for 7.1 Channel sound?

    It has two audio output ports (each port supports 8 audio channels).

    Would like to understand how 6 pins(APX_OUT 0-5 ,MCLK,SCLK) will support 8 channels and out of six pins which is the main audio signal…

  • ADV7626 audio Delay

    In adv7626 datasheet and other adv7626 material,there is not any information about Time Delay from audio input to output.

    My project need to know some accuracy data or test record about  audio delay of any path in adv7626.We want the time delay (from input to…

  • ADV7626 Design


    I will design a circuit with ADV7626 and my design will be like this:


    An HDMI source will be input of ADV7626 and original audio will be used for HDMI output of ADV7626. On the other hand, extracted audio by ADV7626 will be used for another application…

  • ADV7626 : Test pin


    I will develop the products of two equipped with HDMI.

    I will use the ADV7625 and ADV7626 for these products respectively.

    I want to develop these two products as a common board design.

    I have some questions in relation to this.

    Is it possible…

  • ADV7626 support material


    I was looking at the ADV7626 and noticed that it is in pre-release status.  When will this be released and how much design collateral and eval boards are available?  And can I get what is available now?

    Thank you

  • ADV7626 OSD

    Hi ADI's

    I have a question regarding the OSD operation of ADV7626/7625.

    Using ADV7626, I want to write a specific string only on lines 1 and 2 of the screen.

    The screen size is 3840x2160, and I want to write a string for content identification code…