• About AP1_OUT of ADV7625


    Please tell me about ADV7625.

    I set the AP1_OUT port pins individually using the tristate_ap1_out_x [7:0] control register.

    I'd like to use the AP1_OUT4 port, but the port couldn't communicate as I2S data.

    The AP1_OUT port 0 and 1 were working…

  • ADV7625 SPARE setting

    When I test 7-39 with ADV7625 at 4k30p resolution, I get the following error:
    "7-39: Vendor Specific Infoframe is not transmitted"

    In the ADV8005 script, the 4k2kp30 resolution SPARE settings were:
    :05 4k2kp30:
    1A EC40 81; Enable Spare Packet …

  • ADV7625 checksum calculate

    In ADV7625, in order to change the SPA of EDID on the Rx side for each Rx port, the register is operated as follows, but the SPA of EDID has changed, but the checksum is not calculated automatically. ..
    Is there any problem in the procedure? Also, are…

  • About HDMI input / output switching of ADV7625


    Please tell me about ADV7625.

    When extracting Audio from HDMI Rx,
    Which mode will the script be in Transceiver Mode or Splitter Mode?
    Or do you need a separate configuration?

    For scripts that can be installed from ADI,
    It's just a part of it, but is…

  • External dimensions of EVAL-ADV7625


    I have a question about ADV7625.

    I would like to know the external dimensions of the evaluation board EVAL-ADV7625.


    Best Regards,

  • IBIS model of the ADV7626 and ADV7625.

    Would you please give me the IBIS model of ADV7626 and ADV7625?

  • ADV7625 "Rx Repeater Map, 0x7B" register

    Dear Sir

    We have the issue about ADV7625 HDCP Authentication.

    We checked the following support site about "ADV7625 HDCP Authentication without a 5V signal".


  • Advantiv EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ Video Evaluation Board

    This FAQ applies to EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ.  All support files in their latest versions will be attached below.

    Below are the support files for these evaluation board. We recommend that, if you download and use these files, you subscribe to email notifications…

  • ADV7625 OSD Text problem


    We have a prototype with an ADV7625 and ESP32 as the MCU control. OSD project created in Blimp 3.9 SP2

    We use the configuration script when initializing the chip: "ADV7625 Transceiver Mode - Tx Source Term OFF - TMDS Clock 165MHz or less".…

  • ADV7672 Hidden CRC function like the ADV7625


    I have a customer that is interested in the new HDMI transceivers like the ADV7672. He currently has a product with the ADV7625, and wants to know if the ADV7672 or any of it's family has the CRC function i.e. hidden CRC function.

    Let me know…