• ADV7619 chip not transfer

    Hello I make custom Board and use ADV7619 HDMI Rx chip

    Now EDID OK.

    Because Moninfo detect Board 


    Chip Output Pin (P[0] ~ P[48], Vsync, Hsycn, DE)

    why not trasnfer???

    I set freerun mode , then  data, vsync, hsync, DE pin swing

    I thank internal pattern…

  • [ADV7619] ADV7619-VER.1.9c.txt Unknown Register Address


    I'm trying to understand what "ADI Required Write" is in the ADV7619-VER.1.9c.txt script file and where to find the definition of it's corresponding address.

    What does ADI Required Write mean? Is it required?

    For the 68 C0 03 ;…

  • ADV7619: Question of ADV7619 TMDS EQUALIZATION setting

    Hi, Poornima:

        Our products use a hdmi cable shorter than 0.5m.When using the following TMDS equalization settings,the video output was corrupted.(input format is 1080p60)

    68 85 10 ADI Required Write
    68 86 9B ADI Required Write
    68 89 03 ADI Required Write

  • ADV7619 : Question of ADV7619 Software Manual.

    Hi all.

    I confirm the update of ADV7619 SWM.
    And I found that there are multiple difference between HUG and SWM.

    #1 Page 86 HDMI map 0x48[0] RNG_OSC_PDN
    This bit is not describe in HUG.
    When will HUG update this description?

    #2 Page 89 HDMI map 0x73…

  • RE: ADV7619


     PC generally do not work unless they see a valid EDID &  PC will only recognize a sink only when they detect an valid EDID So please make sure are you configuring with a valid EDID.

    Please make sure with below when bringing up the board.
        1) Disconnect…

  • RE: ADV7619. 1600x1200 120MHz


     As per ADV7619 Reference Manual(UG-237), ADV7619 part can "Supports all display resolutions up to UXGA 1600 x 1200 at 60Hz, 10-bit".

     Here also we are not getting any video output for 1600x1200@120Hz using our ADV7619 eval board.


  • ADI ADV7619 Audio Detect Issue


    We tried to input video without audio data into ADV7619, and read the follwoing registers 

    How to check audio detection 

    Address 0x18 = 0x31

    playback L-PCM / DST , address 0x18 = 0x31

    pulg-out hdmi cable , read 0x18 = 0x00

    AUDIO_INFO_RAW, IO(0x98),…

  • ADV7619

    I have couple more questions on ADV7619:

    (1)    Does the chip defaults to 4:4:4 RGB mode?

    (2)    If there is any automatic resolution change, while using the chip, any rough estimate of how much software overhead it requires?

    Thanking you in advance.

  • 请教,ADV7619 作为接收端口,EDID 信息是否可以写在 ADV7619 的内部 RAM?




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