• [ADV7619] ADV7619-VER.1.9c.txt Unknown Register Address


    I'm trying to understand what "ADI Required Write" is in the ADV7619-VER.1.9c.txt script file and where to find the definition of it's corresponding address.

    What does ADI Required Write mean? Is it required?

    For the 68 C0 03 ;…

  • ADV7619 : Question of ADV7619 Software Manual.

    Hi all.

    I confirm the update of ADV7619 SWM.
    And I found that there are multiple difference between HUG and SWM.

    #1 Page 86 HDMI map 0x48[0] RNG_OSC_PDN
    This bit is not describe in HUG.
    When will HUG update this description?

    #2 Page 89 HDMI map 0x73…

  • RE: [ADV7619] 1600x1200p 120Hz setting


     For input video resolutions with a pixel clock of greater than170 MHz, the CP core of ADV7619 is bypassed and the clock divider and the double wide (48-bit) output interface are employed.

     Please let me know, Have you followed the required recommended…

  • How to download ADV7619 Evaluation board software

    Evaluation board software cannot be downloaded from the "Advantiv EVAL-ADV7619-7511 Video Evaluation Board" support file page.

    Link to download evaluation board software package.

    The dialog box does not appear at…

  • ADV7619

    I have couple more questions on ADV7619:

    (1)    Does the chip defaults to 4:4:4 RGB mode?

    (2)    If there is any automatic resolution change, while using the chip, any rough estimate of how much software overhead it requires?

    Thanking you in advance.

  • 请教,ADV7619 作为接收端口,EDID 信息是否可以写在 ADV7619 的内部 RAM?




  • ADV7619

  • ADV7619 Issue

    Hi everyone

    I have a problem about use ADV7619.

    I want to ADV7619 out 16 bit SDR 4:2:2 interleaved mode 0 when input 2048x1536@60 signal

    My config as following:

    //Vps_adv7619I2cWrite8_xxxxx(pObj, regaddr, regval);

    //Init other Map Register Addr

  • ADV7619 questions

    Our customer is having questions for ADV7619. They have some monitors that can use RXA_5V. And some of the monitors they are using can not use RXA_5V. However, they have to use both monitors when HDMI cable connect to the monitors. Therefore, they propose the…



    in the ADV7619 HW manual there is a bit called DATA_BLANK_EN which is not referenced anywhere else in the document.  As well there is a bit called AV_BLANK_EN on figures 44 and 45.  are these bits the same?

    Also if i clear the bit DATA_BLANK_EN…