• ADV7619 grayscale


    I use ADV7619 to decode the HDMI signal and display on the LED screen.

    First of all I have tried to display black color on the LED screen without using ADV7619 and it is normal.

    Second of all I have tried to display the HDMI signal on the LED screen…

  • ADV7619 color space filtering issues

    A customer asked this:

    I’m working with the HDMI receiver ADV7619 with the output bus always configured as a 20-bit YCbCr interface. I’m relying on the ADV7619 to do the color space conversion by using automatic CSC mode, but I noticed that it seems to…

  • ADV7619 EDID problem

    I have some problem with ADV7619.
    I make the custom board using ADV7619. I'm trying to use ADV7619 with internal EDID RAM, but I've found that only 128 bytes of EDID are transfered. I connected the board to PC via HDMI cable. And then, I checked the…

  • EVAL-ADV7619 Video Capture


    Can we save data to the flash memory when we use your EVAL-ADV7619? If we make a connection with the DSP as in this diagram, is it possible to take video and photos? Can you enlighten me on this? Thank you for your interest.

    Have a nice day.

  • ADV7619: Question of ADV7619 TMDS EQUALIZATION setting

    Hi, Poornima:

        Our products use a hdmi cable shorter than 0.5m.When using the following TMDS equalization settings,the video output was corrupted.(input format is 1080p60)

    68 85 10 ADI Required Write
    68 86 9B ADI Required Write
    68 89 03 ADI Required Write

  • adv7619


       I configure the value of register X "68C0" to be X"03", and at the same time configure the value of register X"685A" to be X"80". But I read the value of register X"68C0" as X"FF", and read the value of register X"685A" as X"00", what is the reason…

  • ADV7611 ADV7619 image shifting.


    I have a question regrading ADV7611/19 chips. I have a device  which does alter the input tmds clock to adv7611/19 , when is trying to genlock. Sometimes I am getting image shifting during the genlock process. I noticed that during initial steps of…

  • ADV7619

    Hello I use ADV7619 

    I make custom Board 

    I want to interface ADV7619 (ourt custom Board) with windows 10 PC

    when I set ADV7619 windows pc detect dual screen but Windows not trans TMDS CLK, DATA....

    Please Help me why windows not trasnfer TMDS data & …

  • ADV7619 video capture

    I used adv7619 to receive 4k30hz RGB4:4:4 8bit video data, the output format of adv7619 is 2*24Bit mode 0, set the register OP_FORMAT_SEL to 0x54. After I configured the registers of adv7619, I connected the video source through the HDMI cable, and then…

  • Questions about ADV7619 AUDIO registers

    I followed the page 78 of Reference Manual to read the channel status bits in HDMI map,

     the CS_DATA_VALID_ST is high,  but CS_DATA_VALID_RAW is low,  (IO map , 0x65 is 0x4C). 

    and AUDIO_MODE_CHNG_ST is high, but HDMI map, 0x18 is 0x10.