• ADV7612 EDID

    Does the ADV7612 have an internal EEPROM to store the EDID?

    Does the EDIT indicate the video and/or audio formats the 7612 expect to receive?

  • ADV7612

    I am only using the 'A' TMDS inputs of the ADV7612, is it OK to 'float' the 'B' inputs or should either the + or - input be biased to any particular voltage?

  • EVAL-ADV7612-7511 script


    My customer is using the EVAL-ADV7612-7511 board. He doesn't need the ADV7612 but only the ADV7511 HDMI Tx.

    They want to convert CMOS video input to HDMI output. They remove the jumper to disconnect ADV7612 & ADV7511.

    They have the following…

  • ADV7612

    Will the ADV7612 support and input of  - 1920x1200@59.5Hz reduced blanking 154MHz pixel clock video - and output it as 20-bit SDR ITU-R BT.656 4:2:2? or alternatively 16-bit SDR ITU-R BT.656 4:2:2

  • ADV7612 output

    I am using the ADV 7612 HDMI Rx part.

    I will be outputting 20 bit dual stream parallel SMPTE. I will also be using embedded timing, SAV/EAV.

    Does Hsync, Vsync, and DE/F work the same as SDI? If so, can I set it up

    to have horizontal blanking, (Hsync…

  • ADV7612's output


    I have the EVAL-ADV7612-7511p video evaluation board .We are using 7612 to receive  HDMI inputs from camera , and then feed to 7511 to output the video to the screen. 

    camera -> 7612 --> 7511 --> screen

    The  image is normal on the screen.

    but when…

  • ADV7612 power sequencing

    Is there power sequencing requirement for the ADV7612?

  • ADV7612 register settings

    I have three documents that I am trying to reconcile

    -          Hardware User Guide UG-216 – Rev 0

    -          ADV7612 SOFTWARE MANUAL, Pr0, May  2010

    -          ADV7612 Register Settings Recommendations. Rev 1.1,  November 2010

      In the register settings  recommendations, there…

  • ADV7612

    Hi -

    We are using the ADV7612 as the HDMI receiver in a traffic control system hosted by an industrial PC running Android OS. There is nothing special about the video program and it presumes no HDCP keys. The video material can be assumed to be a simple…

  • ADV7612 Interlace Detection

    We're developing firmware for the ADV7612.  When the incoming signal changes to a new interlaced mode, it appears that VERT_FILTER_LOCKED becomes set while HDMI_INTERLACED is still clear.  Some time later, HDMI_INTERLACED does set, but by this time…