• ADV7612 EQ_LF vs HF in each limited frequency range

    Hi All,

    Here I have a quick question about the ADV7612 EQ partial, - LF vs. HF in each limited frequency range.

    1, What's the meaning of the LF and HF in each limited frequency range? 

    2, What's the range of the LF or the HF in each limited frequency…

  • ADV7612 I2S configuration

    We design a HDMI encode board,Use ADV7612.

    Now we start to debug: The video can work. But the audio can't work.

    We use  AP0 as I2S_SD; SCLK/INT2 as I2S_BCLK; AP5as I2S_LRCLK.

    We want  know how to config them.

  • EVAL-ADV7612-7511 script


    My customer is using the EVAL-ADV7612-7511 board. He doesn't need the ADV7612 but only the ADV7511 HDMI Tx.

    They want to convert CMOS video input to HDMI output. They remove the jumper to disconnect ADV7612 & ADV7511.

    They have the following…

  • ADV7612 - Required documents

    Hi ,

    We need some information regarding the ADV7612 device.

    I would like to design this part into a board I am developing.

    If you could provide the following information which I need for parts approval.

    1. Soldering Temperature Profile  
    2. Number of Reflow…
  • ADV7612 Scripts

    Hi -

    We have developed a video board for ATC display that accpts 480p @60Hz HDMI and outputs 640 x 480 RGB @60Hz.

    All seems to work except the image is slightly too large for the target screen (looks like maybe it's trying to be 800 x 600).

    We use…

  • ADV7612 output timing

    Hi Poorima -

    I have some more info...

    Our LLC clock is 27 mHz when attempting to convert 480p to 640 x 480 @60Hz RGB. The LLC clock should be 25.252 mHz. When we disconnect the input to force free-run, the clock is correct. This is with PRIM-_MODE …

  • ADV7612怎么配置I2S输出


  • ADV7612 and 800x480 output

    Hi - I'm struggling with getting the ADV7612 to output anything but a blank screen to my 24-bit 4:4:4 RGB LCD when given 800x480 input over HDMI.  VID_STD[5:0] is set to 000001 (800x600@60).  I used the STDI register to get the number of clocks per…

  • ADV7612

    Hi -

    We are using the ADV7612 as the HDMI receiver in a traffic control system hosted by an industrial PC running Android OS. There is nothing special about the video program and it presumes no HDCP keys. The video material can be assumed to be a simple…

  • ADV7612寄存器配置