• Eval-ADV7612-7511: Disable ADV7612 for I2C

    I have an EVAL-ADV7612-7511 board & I want to jump I2C from another board in order to command the ADV7511. However

    my driver board already has an ADV7612 on it and it will conflict with the ADV7612 on the eval board.

    The BF524 has an output pin…

  • Example of how to configure the ADV7612 on the EVAL-ADV7612-7511/EVAL-ADV7612-7511P using 7-bit I2C addresses

    As we have mentioned on EngineerZone, some embedded software/tools use 7-bit I2C addresses and some embedded software/tools use 8-bit I2C addresses.

    For example, the register configuration tool for ADV7612 (AVES) and the associated configuration scripts…

  • (ADV7612)Can ADV7612 support I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADV7612.


    I already understood ADV7612 can not support TDM.

    (ADV7612)Can ADV7612 support TDM, I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits? 

    But  how about if our customer don't use TDM.

    Can ADV7612 support 96kHz,…

  • (ADV7612)Can ADV7612 ouput High-Resolution Audio with I2S?


    If ADV7612 receive the HDMI with High-Resolution Audio ,

    can the device output the High-Resolution Audio with I2S ?

    * High-Resolution Audio (Higher than 24bit/96kHz)

    If it can output High-Resolution Audio, does the device sustain the dat rlate…

  • (ADV7612)Can ADV7612 support TDM, I2S ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1CH, 24bits?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7612.

    I already asked about this but we don't have IEC standard manual so please help us.

    Our customer want to use 

    • I2S ,TDM ,Higher than 96kHz, 5.1Ch, 24bits

    I asked about this at past

    (ADV7612)Can ADV7612…

  • ADV7612:  Can I ac-couple the tmds lines into the ADV7612 HDMI Rx?

    The ADV7612 is used in a custom closed system, I am not concerned with compatibility with other hdmi transmiters.   The system is a video switch where all the tmds lines are ac coupled.  The TMDS lines come out of a CML transmitter where they are immediately…

  • ADV7612 EQ_LF vs HF in each limited frequency range

    Hi All,

    Here I have a quick question about the ADV7612 EQ partial, - LF vs. HF in each limited frequency range.

    1, What's the meaning of the LF and HF in each limited frequency range? 

    2, What's the range of the LF or the HF in each limited frequency…

  • ADV7612


    We have been experiencing intermittent swapping of the red and blue colors on a the ADV7612 with a 1920x1200 video source. This typically occurs after power on, but will clear itself if if the clock is removed and frame lock is lost and then clock…

  • ADV7612- AVMUTE


    Customer reports an issue on ADV7612 that AVmute(IO map 0x65[5]) is set if they swap the input port port-a <--> port-b by setting HDMI_PORT_SELECT HDMI map 0x00[2:0], meanwhile, there is only one port is connected and the other port leaves unconnected…

  • ADV7612 setup

    I want the adv7612 output 16bit YCbCr with embedded time codes.

    Should I sellect 16BIT SDR ITU-BT-656 Mode 0 ?

    Is this mode support HD-TV like 1080p?

    A BT-656 video format should only support SD-TV.