• RE: ADV7612 work unnormal in -10°C temp

    Hi Iven,

    customer tried two different HDMI source: 1, normal HDMI output from the computer; 2, forced HDMI output from their special equipment(the only difference: TMDS signal forced output)

    it looks when using the HDMI output from the computer…

  • ADV7612 output clk

    Does ADV7612's output clk support frequency expand ? The ADV7612's output clk has  amplitude, but ADV7619 has not this amplitude. what's reason or the difference than ADV7612?

    Thanks alot.

  • RE: How to drive ADV7612 by 24LCS22A ?

    Dear mattp:

    If I use FPGA to config ADV7612 ,I  send configure information (:6-1f Port A &EDID,from ADV7612-VER.3.0c.txt) via I2C to ADV7612,can ADV7612 work?if not why?


  • RE: ADV7612 HDCP Encryption Status

    Hi Varun,

    Please dump the following:
    * ADV7612 IO map 0x42

    * ADV7612 IO map 0x6A

    * ADV7612 HDMI map 0x04

    * ADV7612 HDMI map 0x05


  • ADV7612 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7612.

    If you download and use these documents, we recommend that you subscribe to notifications for post by selecting your preferred option from the Actions - Follow menu…

  • RE: ADV7612 port A works, but port B doesn't seem to

    My understanding is that you all have an EVAL-ADV7612-7511, not an EVAL-ADV7612-7511P.

    Did you all purchase an EVAL-ADV7612-7511P?


  • RE: ADV7610 format conversions and eval board script mods


    The ADV7612 and ADV7610 are the same dies, just different packages and pin out.  All documents for the ADV7612 applies to the ADV7610 except for the limitations noted in ADV7610 data sheet.

    There is no evaluation board for the ADV7611 or ADV7610…

  • RE: psF video capture using ADV7612

    Hi Elvin,

    If you are interested in evaluating our ADV7612, we strongly suggest you purchase our ADV7612 evaluation board (EVAL-ADV7612-7511). This will allow you to experiment with passing different types of video through the ADV7612 and the ADV7511…

  • RE: Control ADV7612 from Linux host using I2C


    In order for I2C communication with the ADV7612 you need

    • Ensure that the ADV7612 is powered up correctly.
    • Ensure that the reset pin is pulled high to DVDDIO voltage.
    • Ensure that the CS (chip select) pin is pulled low.
    • Ensure that the…