• ADV7612 4 x 192kHz audio

    I'm looking to use ADV7612 HDMI receiver for high-end TV set. Our customer
    insist on support for 8-channel audio at 192kHz sample rate, so I would check
    is it supported by ADV7612. In datasheet is is stated that ADV7612 supports up
    to 8 channels…

  • ADV7612 with internal HDCP key

    Our target is to deliver system that supports also HDCP decoding. Is there any
    possibility that we buy one chip sample with internal HDCP key, while we are
    still not HDCP members?
    I think we can sign and respect any needed NDA and explain complete…

  • ADV7612 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7612.

    If you download and use these documents, we recommend that you subscribe to notifications for post by selecting your preferred option from the Actions - Follow menu…

  • Advantiv EVAL-ADV7612-7511 Video Evaluation Board

    This FAQ applies to EVAL-ADV7612-7511 and EVAL-ADV7612-7511P. All support  files in their latest versions will be attached below.

    Below are the support files for these evaluation boards. If you use these files, we recommend that you subscribe to EMail…

  • Customer hardware validation scripts for ADV7612

    We provide the attached scripts in order to assist customers with validating their hardware (boards) based on the ADV7612.

    For customer product software, we recommend that customers license the source code for our ADV7612 software driver.


  • HDMI schematics reviewing (ADV7611, ADV7612, and other)

    Few things often forgotten during reviews of ADV7611, ADV7612., ADV7619 and other schematics;

    First - It is suggested to follow  recommendation from Design Support Files pages:

    For 7612: http://ez.analog.com/docs/DOC-1751


  • ADV7611, ADV7612 scripts for 576i to HDMI out

    ADV7611, ADV7612 scripts for 576i to HDMI out by vito


    Attached script that takes in 576i (625i) HDMI in and gives output through encoder.

    This can be run in XRC. To be used with following boards





  • ADV7612 EQ_LF vs HF in each limited frequency range

    Hi All,

    Here I have a quick question about the ADV7612 EQ partial, - LF vs. HF in each limited frequency range.

    1, What's the meaning of the LF and HF in each limited frequency range? 

    2, What's the range of the LF or the HF in each limited frequency…

  • ADV7612 I2S configuration

    We design a HDMI encode board,Use ADV7612.

    Now we start to debug: The video can work. But the audio can't work.

    We use  AP0 as I2S_SD; SCLK/INT2 as I2S_BCLK; AP5as I2S_LRCLK.

    We want  know how to config them.