• adv7611 custom resolution

    Q1: is possible to driver an rgb666 320*120 lcd with adv7611?

    Q2: if yes.how to config adv7611 to fit my lcd?I checked the adv7611 datasheet. it shows not support rgb666 but rgb888.on the hardware side,if just connect the rgb888 high 6 bit to my rgb666…

  • ADV7611 with 640*480 input, how can configure it ?


    We using ADV7611 recive the 640*480 video, how can i configure the VID_STD[5:0]  register ? 

    In addition, we connect the pin P15~P8 to FPGA,and use the YCbCr422 format。In the FPGA debug state, the pixel data at the rising edge and falling edge are…

  • ADV7611: HDMI input is not detecting


    I am using below mentioned chips for HDMI.

    ADV7611 - HDMI Receiver

    ADV7511 - HDMI Transmitter

    HDMI Receiver input signal is generated from PC.  HPA_AINT2(hot plug detect) comes to 5V and RXA_5V pin also comes to 5V. But display or EDID is not getting…

  • adv7611 can't sync 1080p


    I'm working with adv7611 (FMC-HDMI from DIGILENT).

    My simple test system is like below.

    (labtop) - adv7611 HDMI in - FPGA video processing - VGA out - (monitor)

    I have configured adv7611 with ADV7611-VER.3.0c.txt from https://ez.analog.com/video…

  • ADV7611 Dynamic Input Configuration

    Hi AD Team,


    We are planning to use ADV7611 in our new project. We will be connecting different input sources with different resolutions dynamically to the input HDMI Connector. Whether ADV7611 can dynamically configure according to source connected.…

  • [ADV7611] DDCA_SCL unused pin configuration


    I would like to confirm DDCA_SCL pin configuration if we do not use it.

    In the user guide UG-180, it is recommended to pull down with 10 kΩ if this pin is not used.
    On the other hand, with the evaluation board, if the HDMI connector is unplugged…

  • Script file of ADV7611 for 24bit SDR 4:2:2 Mode 2 output

    In ADV7611 Design support file, all sample script are for 24 bit 4:4:4 SDR mode 0 only. I need for 24 bit 4:2:2 SDR mode 2. Could anyone please help me to get that?

    I have attached the current script here and we are facing some flickering issue. Could…

  • ADV7611 CRC


    Is CRC Feature available in ADV7611?



  • 1024x768@50Hz on ADV7611

    Good afternoon,

    We are designing a card which will be using the ADV7611.  The analog output format needs to be 1024x768@50Hz.  I notice that this is not a standard format (60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz and 85Hz appear to be standard).

    I have checked these forums and…

  • RE: ADV7611 Clamp colors


       Thanks for letting us know.