• RE: 关于ADV7611使用问题


  • ADV7611/ADV7511 Video and Audio Latencies


    I would like to the understand the basic timing relation between the various Video Signals (Vsync,Hsync,Valid) and the I2S audio signals.

    What will be the audio signal behavior when the hdmi input is removed. Whether the I2S data line will send…

  • Noisy frames from ADV7611


    We are using ADV7611 in our board and connected it to i.MX6UL processor.

    We are using laptops and mobile phones as a HDMI source.

    The ADV7611 is configured with the recommended settings and we are capturing the frames of different sizes like 640x480…

  • HDMI retimer solution for ADV7611


    We are looking for a 1080p 60fps HDMI retimer solution that will connect to ADV7611 in order to get 24bit 148Mhz parallel data. Do you recommend a HDMI retimer to become good HDMI source?



  • Input to ADV7611 is RGB full range but output is Limited range RGB

    Hi All,

    In My setup input  to ADV7611 is RGB FULL RANE(0-255)

    With the setting below

    98 02 F2 (INP_COLOR_SPACE is "1111 - Input color space depends on color space reported by HDMI block.")

    The expected output is ADV7611 is RGB FULL RANE(0-255…

  • (ADV7611)About I2S freerun


    I have some question about ADV7611.

    (1) Is the purpose of setting up the I2S free run mode in ADI described on the data sheet?
    If not, could you please tell me purpose of providing I2S free run mode?

    (2) Could you please point out if the following flow…

  • Creating a libiio dummy for video streaming application using ADI ADV7611


    I have a zedboard connected to FMC HDMI CAM which is based on ADI ADV7611. I want to create a video application on this video-platform using libiio. The idea is to use a AXI4 IIO buffer stream  to capture a steaming video data back to zed board. However…

  • ADV7611 - Resolution


    There is an ADV7611 application which HDMI input stream is 640x400.

    Could ADV7611 support this kind of stream (640x400)?

    which register need to be set? 


  • ADV7611 internal EDID

    Dear Analog Support,

    we are experiencing some trouble getting ADV7611 internal EDID to work. Our custom board is based on the design of the official eval board. We use the register values from the ADV7611-VER.3.0c.txt. 

    Already this post https://ez.analog…

  • ADV7611 Output offset

    Hi :

    operating environment: 

    Signal Source: PC(Output resolution :720*480i/p 60Hz、1280*720p 60Hz、1920*1080i/p 60Hz、1360*768p 60Hz、1366*768p 60Hz、1440*900p 60Hz)

    Monitor: SAMSUNG,DELL

    Test Board: chip:ADV7611,MDIN380(Output resolution:1920*1080p 60Hz)