• RE: [ADV7611] video source connection/disconnection to ADV7611


      Cable connection can be monitor with the CABLE_DET (Using CABLE_DET_A_RAW register, we can know the raw status of port A +5v cable detection interrupt register) or even the TMDS_LOCKED register.  Both of these can be mapped to an interrupt pin.


  • ADV7611 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7611.

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  • Customer hardware validation scripts for ADV7611

    We provide the attached scripts in order to assist customers with validating their hardware (boards) based on the ADV7611.

    For customer product software, we recommend that customers license the source code for our ADV7611 software driver.


  • What are the differences between ADV7610 and ADV7611?

    The ADV7610 and ADV7611 products are very similar in functionality but they come in very different packages:

    * The ADV7611 comes in a 64-Lead Low Profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP_EP) with an exposed pad in the center of the package for Ground.

    * The ADV7610…

  • HDMI schematics reviewing (ADV7611, ADV7612, and other)

    Few things often forgotten during reviews of ADV7611, ADV7612., ADV7619 and other schematics;

    First - It is suggested to follow  recommendation from Design Support Files pages:

    For 7612: http://ez.analog.com/docs/DOC-1751


  • ADV7611, HDMI to RGB888 how to use?

    Hi, i need some help at the ADV7611 chip.

    I want to use this chip to convert my HDMI signal to RGB888, are there any working circuits for this used case?

    I could save a lot of time.


  • How can I use my ADV7611?

    Hi, I want to use the ADV7611 for my Touchpanel called (Hyperpixel 4.0-Touch).

    The Panel needs RGB666 and has VSYNC,HSYNC and Pixelclock and the resolution is 800x480px with 60 frames per second.

    My goal is, to connect my Raspberry Pi over HDMI to the…

  • CVDD's bypass capacitor of ADV7611.

    Original Question: CVDD's bypass capacitor of ADV7611. by Tamu


    I have some questions about your recommendation of CVDD's bypass capacitor of ADV7611.
    Please refer attached file "Questions CVDD bypass capacitor of ADV7611.xlsx".


  • ADV7611 ADV7619 image shifting.


    I have a question regrading ADV7611/19 chips. I have a device  which does alter the input tmds clock to adv7611/19 , when is trying to genlock. Sometimes I am getting image shifting during the genlock process. I noticed that during initial steps of…