• [ADV7611]ADV7611 UYVY output format

    We are using ADV7611 in our customized board. The video port to which ADV7611 is connected expects input format in UYVY format.

    I have refered UG-180(http://www.analog.com/en/search.html?q=UG-180) doc, I think OP_FORMAT_SEL[7:0](page 25) need to set…

  • [ADV7611] video source connection/disconnection to ADV7611

    I want to configure ADV7611 to generate interrupt when video source is connected to HDMI connector.

    As TMDS clock will be locked to input clock when video source is connected, so I thought based on TMDS clock lock we can conclude video source is connected…

  • (ADV7611)Why ADV7611 output SCLK befor HDMI input?

    Hi !

    Various register settings are made after the ADV7611 power is turned on, regardless of the TMDS input.

    At that time, “TRI_AUDIO, IO, Address 0x15 [4]”: 1 → 0 was also set, and 9.8437MHz SCLK was output even HDMI is not input.


  • (ADV7611)Does ADV7611 support BT.601?


    I have few question about ADV7611.

    One of our customer want to design the system kind of this.

    HDMI-player =>(HDMI)=> ADV7611 =>(YCbCr 8bits)=> DS90UB913 =>(FPDLink3)=> Display



    At the datasheet. I can read that ADV7611…

  • ADV7611 :Hdmi signal not detecting in ADV7611

    Hi all,

           Thanks for your previous support,Now i have configured same Register settings before we discussed 1280x800 in ADV7611 side .Instead of previous settings i have added one more settings for CEC (0x80, Reg->0x2a,value->0x3f) module power enabled…

  • (ADV7611)Does ADV7611 support embedded 16bit SDR mode?

    Hi !

    I have some question about ADV7611.


    Doed ADV7611 support embedded 16bits SDR ?


    And if ADV7611 does , is it written at any document?


    And if ADV7611 supports 16bits SDR embedded sync ,

    is there any special resistor settings?


  • (ADV7611/ADV7613)Does ADV7611/13 can support 108MHzSDR?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7611/ADV7613.

    Can these device support 108MHz SDR?

    Best regards.


  • (ADV7611)Can ADV7611 sent 7.1ch audio with I2S?

    Hi !

    One of the customers want to sent 48kHz 24bits TDM 7.1ch with I2S.

    And we think ADV748x can only do this.

    We think ADV7611 can't sent 7.1ch with I2S.

    Is this understand is correct?

    Best regards.


  • [ADV7611] Can ADV7611 output compressed audio data(IEC61937) via SPDIF?


    I have a question about ADV7611.

    Can ADV7611 output compressed audio data(IEC61937) via SPDIF?

    There is a following description on UG-180.pdf page.53
    I2SOUTMODE[1:0] = 11  Raw SPDIF (IEC60958) mode
    So I'm afraid ADV7611 can not output compressed…

  • (ADV7611)What will happen if user use ADV7611 equalizer with dynamic mode?


    I have some questions about ADV7611.



    ADI's recommended  is this


    EQ_DYN_EN(0x96)  : 0x00(Static mode)

    EQ_DYN1_LF(0x8D) : 0x04

    EQ_DYN1_HF(0x8E) : 0…