• RE: ADV7611 Audio & Video Questions

    In CN-0282, connections are as follows:

    ADV7611 P23     ADV7125 B7

    ADV7611 P22     ADV7125 B6

    ADV7611 P21     ADV7125 B5

    ADV7611 P20     ADV7125 B4

    ADV7611 P19     ADV7125 B3

    ADV7611 P18     ADV7125 B2

    ADV7611 P17     ADV7125 B1

    ADV7611 P16     ADV7125 B0

    ADV7611 P15     ADV7125…

  • black margin exists on the image caputred from adv7611

    we use adv7611 on TI OMAP4 platform to capture hdmi video, but we found that the caputred image has black margin. the attached picture is the example. we use PC as the hdmi source, and the source is 1280x720@60fps.

    here, we give the adv7611 configuration…

  • RE: In ADV7611, Free run mode is not enabling when no video Input


    before ADV7611 we have ADV3003 does this effect on DVI signals, the configuration of ADV7611 is from ADV7612 eval board script.



  • ADV7611 i2c reading error

    Dear all,

    I have developped a board with a ADV7611.

    It seems that I'm able to write and configure it as described in the ADV7611, Register Settings Recommendations, Rev 1.1, November 2010.

    But when I try to read, no map is available, the device…

  • ADV7611 i2c read issue


    We are using 8 ADV7611 chips in each of our devices. ADV7611 accepting each value sent via I2C and

    operates as described in the manual. So I2C write operations are fine. But when we try to read

    from ADV7611 via I2C it doesn't answers to its…

  • ADV7611 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7611.

    If you download and use these documents, we recommend that you subscribe to notifications for this post by selecting your preferred option from the Actions…

  • ADV7611 DE_REGEN_LCK_RAW and V_LOCKED_RAW are not locking


    We have a project with ADV7611 using the Linux driver. The TMDS clock detection and PLL lock are there but DE_REGEN_LCK_RAW and V_LOCKED_RAW are not. The video mode is 640x480 @60 Hz. Here are some register values:


    0x0: 0x08,   0x01:  0x06,  0x6A:…

  • RE: ADV7511 register value flickers

    Hi, thank you for your replying.

    I have a board that has ADV7611 and ADV7511.

    Are ADV7611 and ADV7612 different a lot?

    Is there a reference for ADV7611?

  • How can I derive Hsync Vsync DE from  ADV7611 in FMC module?

    I want to apply an image processing algorithm on a stream of HDMI feed using FPGA. And I have HDMI Input/Output FMC Module with Camera Interface Avnet Express - Electronic Components Distributor and Services . In the schematics the Vsync, Hsync and DE…

  • RE: ADV7611: Internal EDID stays disabled

    Hi Konstantin,

    Are you using our example scripts for ADV7611?  If you look in ADV7611-VER.2.9c.txt, you will find the following script which will configure the ADV7611 with internal EDID data.

    :ADV7611 EDID 8 bit only NO DSD or HBR Support:

    Then if…