• ADV7610 brightness controll

    Hello everyone,

    We are using ADV7610 in our device to capture HDMI video signal by FPGA and future processing.


    how we can controll ADV7610 RGB output brightness / contrast and hue?

    if we try to use CP to…

  • ADV7610 I2C Timing


    I'd like to check I2C timing but I cannot find the voltage information of timing chart in datasheets( Figure 3. I2 C Timing) .

    Can you tell me the voltage that defines the timing?

  • ADV7610 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7610.


    If you download and use these documents, we recommend that you subscribe to notifications for post by selecting your preferred option from the Actions - Follow menu…

  • Customer hardware validation scripts for ADV7610

    We provide the attached scripts in order to assist customers with validating their hardware (boards) based on the ADV7610.

    For customer product software, we recommend that customers license the source code for our ADV7610 software driver.


  • What are the differences between ADV7610 and ADV7611?

    The ADV7610 and ADV7611 products are very similar in functionality but they come in very different packages:

    * The ADV7611 comes in a 64-Lead Low Profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP_EP) with an exposed pad in the center of the package for Ground.

    * The ADV7610…

  • ADV7610 960p color issue


    I don't have one of your evaluation boards and I am using the following set up: 

    LAPTOP -> ADV7610 -> FPGA -> ADV7511 -> MONITOR

    The configuration of the ADV7610 is shown at the end of the post.

    I am trying to show on the monitor…

  • ADV7610 EVAL schematics  pin definition issue with datasheet

    I have customer Hikvision is interested in the ADV7610, I download the releated design documents from EZ and send to customer! Now we find there are some dis-match for the pin definition between the datashee and the EVAL schematics! Please see attached…

  • ADV7610 custom video resolution


    I am using ADV7610 to convert an input DVI with resolution 854x960p @ 59.94fps (VESA standard) into a 24-bit SDR 4:4:4 pixel bus.

    After going through the user guide, software manual, evaluation board script, and some other threads here in the forum…

  • [ADV7610] Power-Down Sequence


    In the ADV7610 power down sequence, there is a point where 3.3V<1.8V, is there a problem with the following waveform?

    In a similar question, the answer is "The situation where 3.3V rails drops much faster than the 1.8V can be remedied with…