• ADV7610 960p color issue


    I don't have one of your evaluation boards and I am using the following set up: 

    LAPTOP -> ADV7610 -> FPGA -> ADV7511 -> MONITOR

    The configuration of the ADV7610 is shown at the end of the post.

    I am trying to show on the monitor…

  • ADV7610 custom video resolution


    I am using ADV7610 to convert an input DVI with resolution 854x960p @ 59.94fps (VESA standard) into a 24-bit SDR 4:4:4 pixel bus.

    After going through the user guide, software manual, evaluation board script, and some other threads here in the forum…

  • [ADV7610] Power-Down Sequence


    In the ADV7610 power down sequence, there is a point where 3.3V<1.8V, is there a problem with the following waveform?

    In a similar question, the answer is "The situation where 3.3V rails drops much faster than the 1.8V can be remedied with…

  • [ADV7610] How to reduce power consumption


    Because of the heat problem at high temperatures, we are considering reducing the power consumption of the IC.

    In the ADV7610, is there a setting to reduce power consumption, for example, by lowering the drive current?

    Best Regards

  • ADV7610 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7610.


    If you download and use these documents, we recommend that you subscribe to notifications for post by selecting your preferred option from the Actions - Follow menu…

  • RE: ADV7610 IO Voltage


    Can you recommend logic level translator for ADV7610 data and other signal which connect to 1.8 volt bank of FPGA 

  • Output of ADV7610 in DVI mode

    I am developing a board that uses the ADV7610 for HDMI output, but the image is not output to the connected display.
    When checking the status signal of the ADV7610 for investigating the cause, the HDMI/DVI Status bit was "0: DVI mode detected."…

  • ADV7610 + ADV7390

    HI guys,

    Could you please check below register's settings  for adv7610?, Actually, It dosent' work. I have checked HDMI input signal correctly, but output of adv7610 is just LLC clocks but screen is black.

    My requirements:

    ADV7610 input : HDMI …

  • [ADV7610] How to use the video format.


    ADV7610 Hardware User Guide (UG-438) does not describe how to use the following format.
    Tell me how to use the format below.


  • ADV7610 output 24-bit RGB888 data Wrong


          We used ADV7610 as HDMI receiver of our test board.We found ADV7610 output 24-bit RGB888 data is different with the oringial data which sent from the PC.For example, we send the picture of gray 4(040404),but we test the adv7610 output data is gray0…