• ADV7604 - Power consumption ?

    Where can I find the ADV7604 power consumption? Not found  in the documentation package...

    In addition, can the ADV7604 convert all possible resolutions of VESA DMT, CVT, SDTV formats coming to its RGB input? 


  • ADV7604 PowerUp sequence


    I have a question about the recommended PowerUp sequence for the ADV7604.

    The Hardware Manual says: There should be a 400ms delay between 3.3V supplies being enabled and 1.8V supplies being enabled.

    But the Evaluation board uses a 100K and 470nF…

  • adv7604 IO_REG_33

    When I look the sample config script provided by ADI for adv7604, I noticed that IO_REG_33 is set to either 0x40 or 0x60, bit[6] of IO_REG_33 is LLC_DLL_MUX bit, what does bit[5] do? manual did say anything about this bit, do I really need to care? Thanks…

  • AD9984 vs ADV7604?

    My customer is evaluating solutions for RGB to DVI conversion using the ADV7604 or the AD9984

    1. Is the same core used for AD9984 and ADV7604? 
    2. Dilemma – we want to eliminate picture shift as a result of bad DE generation.
      Is AD9984 or ADV7604 generate…
  • ADV7604 DVI输入





  • ADV7604 Temperature Range


    Many professional segment products require temperature ranges which stretch to 85degC but ADV7604 is limited to 70degC.

    Why is the ADV7604 limited to 70degC?

    Can the ADV7604 be used at 85degC?

    Can the ADV7604 be used in higher ambient temperature…

  • ADV7604 HDMI register 0x59

    I wrote a Linux ADV7604 driver based on the script ADV7604IO_ADV7604CP_ADV7604AFE_ADV7604HDMI_ADV7341B-VER.1.4c_RevA.txt and it works reasonably well but upon reviewing the code I found the script was setting HDMI register 0x59 to 0xa3 and the comment…

  • ADV7604 power sequence


    I has one question about ADV7604 power sequence.

    From the hardware manual of ADV7604, it mentioned that "there should be a 400ms delay between 3.3V supplies being enabled and 1.8V supplies being enabled." I added one RC delay and BJT switch circuit…

  • ADV7604/AD9984A questions

    Is the ADV7604's output compatible with both the standard 24-bit TTL LCD panel and LDVS driver?

    Can it (ADV7604) be used with AD9984A for VGA input?

  • ADV7604 VGA Support


    VGA supports a DDC data transfer mechanism similar to the HDMI DDC mechanism.

    Does ADV7604 support VGA DDC?

    Also, can the video details be read back somewhere in the ADV7604?