ADV7604, Hardware Manual, Rev. F, August 2010:

    ADV7604, Software manual, Rev. F, June 2010:

    Which of the data sheets is correct?


    Mats Randgaard


    The software manual and the hardware manual have different description of this setting. Which one is right:

    "Register Map Documentation, Software Manual, Rev. F, June 2010" page 48:

    REPL_AV_CODE, Reg: 0x05, Bits: 00101100

    0 - Outputs SAV…

  • ADV7604: XTAL_CTRL


    In the product data sheet for ADV7604, "ADV7604_SF_RevSpB.pdf", there is a note on page 6: "The XTAL_CTRL bit in AFE Map 0x4C[7:6] = 10b. This configures the XTAL pins for external oscillator operation. A 1.8 V oscillator must be used."…

  • ADV7604 and 3D

    Will the ADV7604 support 3D HDMI video signals as long as the VSIF is handled manually?

  • ADV7604 Register setting


    Currently we are using ADV7604 with TI's DM365 for a VGA video recording purpose. Our DM365 side is expecting a YUV 4:2:2 16-bit separate sync video input. I've follow the "ADV7604-output-pixel-port-mapping-revH.XLS" by mapping (setting OP_FORMAT_SEL…

  • ADV7604 - 2 EDIDs

    Is it possible to have 2 different set of EDID information (256 bytes each) inside the ADV7604, each assigned to a different HDMI input port?

  • ADV7604 I2S signal loss

    Hi Team,

    My customer is using ADV7606 in their video conference system. But recently they found an issue about it. I also attached the schematics about ADV7604 and the picture for HDMI to DVI adapter. Could you please help to share some suggestions for…

  • ADV7604 Hotplug


    We are using ADV7604 in our embedded board and we are facing one issue with it.

    We have connected PC having DVI-D port to board using DVI-D to DVI-D cable.

    If we boot up the board keeping the PC connected to it, ADV7604 chip is unable to detect…

  • ADV7604 queries

    I have a few queries related to ADV7604:

    1. Can ADV7604 generate interrupts when HDMI/VGA is plugged in or plugged out?

    2. Are there any registers in ADV7604 using which the host processor can know the input resolution? Also, can we read the horizontal…

  • ADV7604 - CVBS?

    I think I'm answering my own question but I'd appreciate a confirmation from those 'in the know' of possible.

    Looking at the ADV7604 support files, it appears that it supports RGB/Component inputs only. It has no ability to support NTSC…