• RE: ADV7604 video auto detection failure

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your inputs, actually we got a script "ADV7604IO_ADV7604CP_ADV7604AFE_ADV7604HDMI_ADV7341B-VER.1.3c_RevA.txt"reference and used DVI section of this script using which we could make our driver working and it is able to detect different…

  • adv7604 configuration for HDMI audio


    We are using the adv7604 for our video encoding/decoding along with a TI-DaVinci chip. I'm using the adv7604 to capture an audio signal via HDMI & then playback using the HDMI on our board. I'm using all the recommended settings provided in the adv7604…

  • Regarding wrong format detection of ADV7604


    We have configured ADV7604 in Analog mode and providing VGA signals via DVI-I connector from Windows 7 machine.

    Though we are providing 1600x900 video resolution from source, chip is detecting it as 1280x960 resolution. Following is the details…

  • ADV7604 Temperature Range


    Many professional segment products require temperature ranges which stretch to 85degC but ADV7604 is limited to 70degC.

    Why is the ADV7604 limited to 70degC?

    Can the ADV7604 be used at 85degC?

    Can the ADV7604 be used in higher ambient temperature…

  • the driver of ADV7604

    On the DEMO of EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ-P,the RX chip is ADV7842,I use ADV7604 instead of ADV7842 on my board,but there isn't a driver of ADV7604 in the software,where can i get the driver of ADV7604?

  • the driver of ADV7604


    On the DEMO of EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ-P,the HDMI receive chip is ADV7842. I change the ADV7842 to ADV7604 on my board,but there isn't a driver of ADV7604 in software.Where can i get the driver of ADV7604?

  • RE: ADV7604 EVB DSUB RGB 1080P@60Hz settings

    Dear Jeyasudha,

    Yes, I will try it.

    But our customer have ADV7604 RGB input signal @1080P60Hz ghost issue in their system,

    so they want to compare our ADV7604 EVB performance to verify their ghost issue;

    I have tried to use ADV7604 EVB input RGB 1080P…

  • Auto detection of HDMI or VGA using adv7604

    We are developing a driver for adv7604 for our application, the system is designed such that user can connect both HDMI and VGA to adv7604. Since adv7604 can take only one video input source and pass to its output at any moment, we want to configure adv7604…

  • RE: ADV7604 Design source files and documents

    I am looking for ADV7604's motherboard and output board documents and schematic, not ADV7604 Eval board design support files.

  • RE: adv7604 autographic for 1280x768@75

    Do you have our ADV7604 evaluation board?  Are you referring to our ADV7604 reference scripts?