• ADV7604 Temperature surface

    Hi ADI expert,

    According to ADV7604 datasheet in the package thermal performance section, the temperature formula as blow, so I would like to calculate Ts maximum limited.

    Tj=125 degree.

    T Ambient =70 degree max.

    Wtotal = (1.8Vx88.2mA)+(0.05x3.3Vx204…

  • RE: ADV7604 AFE Map Registers Can't write


    I am getting same problem(AFE Map registers not able to write) for my ADV7842 board, Did you overcome this problem, If you solved please let us know.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mallikarjuna B.

  • ADV7604 I2S signal loss

    Hi Team,

    My customer is using ADV7606 in their video conference system. But recently they found an issue about it. I also attached the schematics about ADV7604 and the picture for HDMI to DVI adapter. Could you please help to share some suggestions for…

  • ADV7604 UXGA Input is not working


    I designed a video streaming device based on ADV7604. This decoder I have tested for multiple inputs like: VGA, SVGA, XGA and WSXGA but somehow it is not working for UXGA(1600x1200).

    Please find the script I am using for UXGA input:


  • has the ADV7604 a 3d combfilter?

    I'm wondering if  the ADV7604 CHIP has a 3D Combfilter for composite video signals?!  I can't find one mentioned on the datasheet so I doubt it?!



  • Inquiry about setting h/w for unused pins of adv7604


    We are making a UXGA capture card using ADV7604. 

    Only UXGA will be used, hdmi, i2s, edid, ddc functions will not be used.

    The description of unused pins is not provided in the datasheet.

    Please inquire if there are any requirements for pins.

  • ADV7604 Device tree endpoint parsing error


    We have developed a dual channel video capture card by help of ADV7604 video decoder. According to device driver we have 7 pads: 6 sink pad and 1 source pad. Out of 6 sink pad 4 sink pads for HDMI and 2 sink pads for Analog input(VGA and component…

  • ADV7604 no audio output

    Hi ADI expert,

    I used a HDMI generator to test my own board of ADV7604, I stetted up the audio formatting as PCM/16bit/48K/2ch in the HDMI generator. However, I can see video coming out of the adv7604, but I’m not seeing any audio out.

    So I checked…

  • RE: ADV7604: gray overlay over original video frame


     Thanks for letting us know.



  • RE: ADV7604 Non-Graphics signal


    In ADV7604 hardware manual page no. 389 it is mention that the nongraphics input should also receive care when being routed on the PCB. Again, track lengths
    should be kept to a minimum and 75 ohm traces impedances should be used where possible.