• ADV7533

    Do we still need NDA to get the full documentation for the ADV7533 as notified in one post in EZ during 2012?


  • ADV7533/7535

    I need to put an LCD onto the MIPI-DSI video output of an iMX8m mini/nano CPU.  The LCDs for my application have HDMI or RGB interfaces. I need a chip that bridges that.

    i found the ADV7533/7535

    Why are there two, which is recommended? I only need two…

  • ADV7533 debug issue

    Signal chain:  main processor MIPI-DSI interface to ADV7533 MIPI-DSI interface to ADV7533 HDMI interface, ADV7533 chip version: 0x14


    1.       1.debug followed by the “Section 3 quick start guide” of  the ADV7533 programming_guide document.

    2.       2.The main…

  • ADV7533 Evaluation Board


    I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies in Israel

    One of my customers is interested in ADV7533 

    Does the ADV7533  have evaluation board and reference design ? I can’t find it online.

    Thanks a lot,


  • ADV7533 Audio issue


    I have customer used ADV7533 in project with max output video resolution up to 720P.

    the PCBA was back these few days, and I work with customer for ADV7533 initial settings.

    The ADV7533 Video output is fine with 720P, but there is no Audio…

  • ADV7533 Phy

    Datasheet states:

    Compatible with DPHY V.0.90 and DSI V.1.02


    The processor supports:

    MIPI*-DSI ports 1x4 and 2x4 supported (D-PHY 1.1)

    Should this work together?




  • Adv7533 evaluation board


    Are there evaluation boards available for the adv7533 and adv7535? Thanks.

  • ADV7533-IBIS Model

    Can you please help me to share the IBIS model for ADV7533



  • ADV7533 Support Resolution


    Does the ADV7533 support 1440x900 pixels x 60 fps x 24 bits = 1866240000 (1.866G/s)?



  • ADV7533 schematic review

    In my project we  are using adv7533 for dsi to HDMI conversion. So i want to review the attached schematic.