• ADV7513 Frame rate


    Now I'm trying to design 1920×1200 video data transmition system using ADV7513.


    What is the maximum frame rate with this resolution?


    And, when I set the resolution to 1920×1080, How many frame can i transmit in this case?



  • ADV7513 HDCP Support

    Hi All,


    I want to use HDCP on ADV7513.

    Based on the same, I have few queries. Can anyone kindly answer them.


    1. Can anyone tell me what is the ordering part number for HDCP enabled ADV7513?


    2. How are the keys written into the ADV7513 internal…

  • ADV7513 color distortion

    I'm using an ADV7513 to drive a DVI monitor. When I drive the monitor with a six foot cable the video is fine. When I drive the monitor with a twenty foot cable the colors are distorted. The are red lines that follow the contours of images in the video…

  • ADV7513 Evaluation Board

    Hi everyone.

    ADV7513 datasheet contains information about EVAL-ADV7513-AKZ Evaluation Board. But ADV7513 product page have no info about EVAL-ADV7513-AKZ, so I can't order it. I need a working board with ADV7513. How could I evaluate ADV7513 features…

  • ADV7513 "Extra Red"


    I am attempting to use the ADV7513 to drive a DVI display. Input to the IC is 24 bit RGB 4:4:4 with separate syncs, intended output is RGB 4:4:4. I am also able to write configuration registers on the chip over I2C and see my changes reflected…

  • ADV7513 intermittent signal

    Hello forum members,

    I've been playing around with the ADV7513 for over a month now but I cannot get it to work properly.

    It will work flawlessly with LG monitors but act up when connected to samsung monitors.

    When hooked up to a samsung monitor…

  • adv7513 no output


    Now i am used the ADV7513 in my project. And when i connect the ADV7513 with a cable to one monitor. Then HPD is high. Then i used the oscillograph to test the TMDS out clk and signal . There are someting like a clk and signal. but "no hdmi…

  • ADV7513 questions


    I have several questions on ADV7513.

    1)Can someone give me latest SW and HW user guides on this chip?

    2)I want to put in AVD7513 24bit (8bit per color RGB) signal with two types of resolution 1920x1200pix 25fps and 1024x768pix 25fps, as i understand…

  • ADV7513 questions

    We are looking at using an ADV7513 parallel to HDMI transmitter into our camera system.  We are capable of providing 1080p30 at times, but other times we will be delivering 1080p at 15fps.  How will the 7513 react to the 15fps?

    Also, what can you explain…

  • ADV7513 PLL not locked

    My customer are designing a product with ADV7513.

    But when input higher speed resolution more than VGA,

    PLL of ADV7513 can not be locked(Register 0x9E=0x00).

    When input VGA, PLL can be locked.

    Their ADV7513 have another incomprehensible issue.