• RE: adv7513 SXGA @ 30Hz


      Yes, ADV7513 can handle SXGA30.

      The following script would work for SXGA (1280x1024)

    :6-1e Port A, 720p,1080i Any Color Space In (YCrCb 444 24bit from ADV761x) Through HDMI Out 444 YCrCb VIC[4,5,19,20]:

    Please note that these scripts assume the…

  • ADV7513

    Hi ,

    We are thinking of a system ADV7511 and ADV7513 ,

    SOC (RGB 6 Bit )  -> ADV751x ( Convert RGB bit to HDMI) -> HDMI connector -> SOC  (Plan to throw 2LSB and output )

    1. When input RGB is 6bit , by pulling the 2 LSB to GND will this be taken…

  • ADV7513 HDCP

    Hi ,

    Can we disable the HDCP and use ADV7513 . from the register setting find that it is possible .

    Do you have plans to roll out a Non HDCP version of ADV7513

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes

  • ADV7513

    Plz update me :


    • 1- Cost of ADV7513 Evaluation kit and its availability.
    • 2- Datasheet of ADV7513 Evaluation kit.
    • 3- Price of ADV7513.
  • AD9984A+ADV7513

    Hi, Now the VGA to HDMI board AD9984A+ADV7513 generates DE by setting the ADV7513 registers 0x35~0x3A,matching the input video resolution with VESA Standards to set these registers.

    For example,if the input video resolution is 1080p,I set DE Generation…

  • ADV7513

    Dear FAE

         Have a special application, one signal source from FPGA, need to transfer up to 6 channels with 2Pcs ADV7513 simultaneously. how to process this application ?  Need your commands

         and, the HDCP Keys module in the ADV7513, i can close it or…

  • ADV7513 input timing

    Hello all,

    Is there any specification about input signal timing of ADV7513 ?
    Does ADV7513 need input of PCLK or data before register settings ?

    Our customer's system configuration is below two.

    Case which ADV7513 does not output video signal

  • ADV7513


    I'm very new to video processing. I want to use the ADV7513 for 24-bit parallel RGB to DVI-D conversion, and had a few basic questions on the same.

    1) Can this be used for conversion of resolutions like QVGA (320x240)? What is the…
  • ADV7513 Output

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know with regards to this issue .

    Should we change the Pixel Clock to corresponding output .

    Is there some restriction if the clock .If it is  less that of the output format , will we not get the output .

    When output VGA…

  • ADV7513 output amplitude

    I have a question about the ADV7513 HDMI differential output amplitude.  Is there a registers/ hidden registers  on the ADV7153 that could control the driver output amplitude of the HDMI channel 0 to 2 and clock driver?  I look through the programming guide…