* HDMI transmitter(ADV7513) is configured for 16bit YCbCr, 4:2:2, with 1x pixel clock video format.


    * Input to HDMI transmitter is 25.2MHz pixel clock, external Vsync and Hsync, refresh rate is 60Hz(as per CEA 861D standard)


    * HDMI configuration is…

  • ADV7513 1080p60 output


    We have a request regarding HDMI product ADV7513.

    The engineer is evaluating this chip on their own PCB.

    He is going to use it as an HDMI converter however he cannot achieve the required result.


    Their mode:


    Input: 1080p25 4:2:2 YCrCb 8bit embeded…

  • ADV7513 setting and no TMDS output


    I want to set the camera output to 1280 X720 (30  frame) resolution and convert it to a 8-bit pixel bus + Vsync + Hsync + No DE signal to use it as the input image of the ADV7513 and connect it directly to an HDMI monitor to acquire the image ( The…

  • RE: ADV7513 1080p60 output


      By using registers 0x3B, 0x3C and 0x3D you can manually configure the ADV7513 to use x2 pixel repetition and also set the VIC code manually.

      For more details please refer at  ADV7511W Programming Guide & here search the above corresponding registers…

  • RE: ADV7513 Color output missmatch


    Could You Pls. share solution description We facing exactly the same problem

  • ADV7513

    Hi ,

    We are thinking of a system ADV7511 and ADV7513 ,

    SOC (RGB 6 Bit )  -> ADV751x ( Convert RGB bit to HDMI) -> HDMI connector -> SOC  (Plan to throw 2LSB and output )

    1. When input RGB is 6bit , by pulling the 2 LSB to GND will this be taken…

  • ADV7513 HDCP

    Hi ,

    Can we disable the HDCP and use ADV7513 . from the register setting find that it is possible .

    Do you have plans to roll out a Non HDCP version of ADV7513

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes

  • ADV7513

    Plz update me :


    • 1- Cost of ADV7513 Evaluation kit and its availability.
    • 2- Datasheet of ADV7513 Evaluation kit.
    • 3- Price of ADV7513.
  • AD9984A+ADV7513

    Hi, Now the VGA to HDMI board AD9984A+ADV7513 generates DE by setting the ADV7513 registers 0x35~0x3A,matching the input video resolution with VESA Standards to set these registers.

    For example,if the input video resolution is 1080p,I set DE Generation…

  • ADV7513

    Dear FAE

         Have a special application, one signal source from FPGA, need to transfer up to 6 channels with 2Pcs ADV7513 simultaneously. how to process this application ?  Need your commands

         and, the HDCP Keys module in the ADV7513, i can close it or…