• "Chip Revision" register of ADV7511 and ADV7511W.


    I have a question about "Chip Revision" of ADV7511 and ADV7511W.

    The "Chip Revision" register(address:0x00) of ADV7511 is 0x14.
    The same "Chip Revision" register of ADV7511W is 0x13.
    These are described on each Programming…

  • (ADV7511W)Can ADV7511W mute Video data only?

    Hi !

    I have two question about ADV7511W.

    Our customer want to use ADV7511W to send Audio data only

    because they want to sent Hi-resolution Audio so they have to protect the contents.

    So they want to use HDMI with contents protect.

    The image is…

  • RE: Differences of Table "Register Reset Control" between ADV7511 and ADV7511W.


    Thank you for your reply.

    So, can "Table 97" of ADV7511 also be applied to ADV7511W?

    My customer develops automotive application and they uses ADV7511W.
    So they need information of ADV7511W.

    Thank you!
    Best regards.

  • (ADV7511W) About hardware test


    I have some questions about testing the ADV7511W hardware.


    Does the ADV7511W support testing for boundary scan?

    (Please refer to)



    Is there a way to check if ADV7511W is properly grounded to the board?

  • (ADV7511W)Do you have a POWER-UP SEQUENCE?


    I have a question about ADV7511W.

    Our customer is trying to use ADV7511W and ADV761W.

    ADV7611W has a POWER-UP SEUENCE.

    + from data sheet P10

    Does ADV7511W has some specification about POWER-UP(AND DOWN) SEQUENCE?

    Best regards.


  • (ADV7511W)Can ADV7511W change the format to RGB from YUV422?

    Hi !

    Our customer are using ADV7511W for the ADAS R&D.

    They are thinking to input RGB data to ADV7511W.

    The question is this.


    Can ADV7511W change the format to RGB444 from YUV422?


    If it can , do you have a script for this?

    Best regards…

  • RE: Are there any differences of register settings we should set between ADV7511 and ADV7511W?

    The ADV7511 and ADV7511W are the same die.  The basic differences are:

    • ADV7511 does deep color up to 225MHz, ADV7511W is limited to 165MHz, no deep color
    • Packages are different.  Smaller input data bus.
    • ADV7511W is targeted for automotive applications…
  • Is there a list or patch file which indicates software differences of ADV7511 and ADV7511W?


    My customer has been developing HDMI repeater system using ADV7611 and ADV7511W.
    They use your "ADV7611 evaluation board software release 1.56.0 ALPHA" module for ADV7511W.
    But I think that it includes source code for ADV7511 (not for ADV7511W…

  • (ADV7511W)Do you have a specification of minimum input video clock frequency?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADV7511W.

    Our customer are using ADV7511W for R&D.

    At table 4 the specification is about only Maximum Input Clock frequency.


    Do you have a minimum Input Clock frequency specification ?


    If you don't have…

  • Can "ADV7511W" receive 1920x1080 60Hz interlace video with 8bit, pixel clock 148.5MHz?


    I have a question about input of ADV7511W.

    The customer wants to input 1920x1080 60Hz interlace video (sampling clock 74.25MHz) to ADV7511W with 8bit, pixel clock 148.5MHz.
    Can ADV7511W do it?
    Please refer Table 4 "Input ID Selection" on HW user…