• ADV7511W

    The ADV7511W Programming Guide states that some fixed registers need to be changed from their default values. If they are fixed, how can they be changed? Pages 160 and 161 show a number of these. The registers are 0x98, 0x9A, 0x9C, 0x9D, 0xA2 and 0xA3…

  • Configuring ADV7511W

    Where I can find scripts to configure ADV7511W for basic bring up? I already tried to configure it via Quick Start Guide chapter from ADV7511W-Programming-Guide but with no luck, no picture on monitor. I am sending video from Video Generator based on http…

  • ADV7511W


    Question about TMDS routing/trace.

    So as I understand it, the resistance for a TMDS pair should be equivalent to 100 Ohms (50 Ohms for each line). This is used as termination for the signal, e.g. as balance to avoid reflections. In other words,…

  • ADV7511W HDCP

    does ADV7511W have a non HDCP ver?

    can you advice for -40 to 85C HDMI Trnsmiter with non HDCP ?

  • ADV7511W Unused Pin


    if I don't use a Digital Audio channel can I leave pins float? or it will be better  place pins to gnd or vdd?

    Is there documentation about this? On ADV7511W Hardware User's Guide I didn't find this informations.



  • ADV7511W SPDIF

    We are unable to get the ADV7511W to work with an SPDIF audio input. We have tried all the likely register setting without success. Are there any recommended register settings for this?

  • ADV7511W lock

    It works fine with VGA standards, but when operating in YCbCr 4:2:2 it only works in the first standard it sees after power-up, in our case this is 1080i50. Any subsequent input standard changes produces no usable output.

    Does the ADV7511W needing telling…

  • ADV7511W Configuration


    My customer would like to evaluate the ADV7511W with specific configuration as described follows.

    They need a register setup guideline for for the following configuration:


    YCbCr 8,


    640x480 (VGA)


    DVI mode,


  • HDMI TX ADV7511W


    I am using HDMI TX ADV7511W with its digital inputs interfaced to FPGA (Virtex 7).

    The datasheet mentions that its video/audio logic accepts levels from 1.8V to 3.3V.

    The IC ADV7511W has 1.8V Supply Voltage (DVDD, AVDD, PVDD, BGVDD) and 3.3V Supply…

  • HDCP Handling of ADV7511W.


    I have a question about HDCP Handling of ADV7511W.

    There is a description about  HDCP Software Implementation on the programming guide page.99, figure 24.

    When it required that go back to "start" on the figure 24 during HDCP authentication in…