• ADV7511W Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7511W HDMI Transmitter.

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    ADV7511W Product Page Link to Product Web…
  • Is the middle voltage inputting allowed for ADV7511W during reset?


    I have a question about ADV7511W.

    After power-up, about 0.66V signals input to D[23:0] pins and sync pins of ADV7511W for 100ms during reset. Is it permitted for ADV7511W?

    The customer uses ADV7511W for their project.

  • Difference between ADV7511 and ADV7511W


    I would like to know the difference between ADV7511 and ADV7511W.

    I have to implement the ADV7511W i2c driver in Linux, but Linux BSP source code is having adv7511.c file. Is this file compatible to adv7511w. Please tell me the difference and support…

  • (ADV7511W)I2C, DDC voltage


    I have a question about ADV7511W.
    I was reading ADV7511W datasheet but there are no I2C and DDC VOL specification.

    Can you tell us ADV7511W I2C and DDC VOL specification?

    Best regards


  • Question about ADV7511W

    HI ALL~

    I connect the ADV7511W and A7-FPGA. If I choose "program device"(board power on and then program from Vivado online, sorry but I don't exactly konw how to expression it), ADV7511W can start up, and the monitor connceted to the ADV7511W has a image…

  • (ADV7511W)About I2C

    I have some questions about ADV7511W.
    I am using the evaluation board (EVAL-ADV7612EBZ).
    I would like to check the waveform of I2C (of the ADV7511W).
    When you look at the waveform, it is always in the high…
  • (ADV7511W)Do you have a script for QVGA YUV to RGB?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADV7511W.

    I already asked some questions for this.

    (ADV7511W) Can ADV7511W support QVGA by Table34? 

    As you answered to me, I understood that ADV7511W can support QVGA.


    Do you have some example to output QVGA…

  • (ADV7511W) To output QVGA with RGB to RGB

    Hi !

    I already asked about this with few thread.

    (ADV7511W)Do you have a script for QVGA YUV to RGB? 

    (ADV7511W)Does ADV7511W support QVGA? 

    Our customer are trying to make new script.

    And I was checking ADV7481's script because there is no script…

  • RE: Can ad9984a output 16bit bt1120 data ?


     These embedded sync register details are provided in ADV7511W programming guide( Section 4.3.6) at https://ez.analog.com/video/w/documents/779/adv7511w-design-support-files



  • "Chip Revision" register of ADV7511 and ADV7511W.


    I have a question about "Chip Revision" of ADV7511 and ADV7511W.

    The "Chip Revision" register(address:0x00) of ADV7511 is 0x14.
    The same "Chip Revision" register of ADV7511W is 0x13.
    These are described on each Programming…