• (ADV7511W)Can ADV7511W support 768x1024?

    Hi !

    I have three question about ADV7511W.


    Can ADV7511W support 768x1024?

    I think it can.


    If our customer want to try 768*1024, which script should they use?


    If ADV7511W can not support which device can support 768*1024?

    Our customer…

  • (ADV7511W)Does ADV7511W support QVGA?

    Hi !

    I had already asked about this.

    (ADV7511W)Do you have a script for QVGA YUV to RGB? 

    But please let me ask about this again.

    I was checking Programming guide and found table23.


    Does this means ADV7511W can support 240p?


    And can ADV7511W…

  • (ADV7511W)Can ADV7511W mute Video data only?

    Hi !

    I have two question about ADV7511W.

    Our customer want to use ADV7511W to send Audio data only

    because they want to sent Hi-resolution Audio so they have to protect the contents.

    So they want to use HDMI with contents protect.

    The image is…

  • (ADV7511W) Can ADV7511W support QVGA by Table34?

    Hi !


    I have another question.

    Can ADV7511W support QVGA by Table34?


    Best regards.


  • (ADV7511W)Can ADV7511W output this video format?

    Hi !

    I have a question about output format.

    Can ADV7511W output


    CLK 108MHz-input , 24bit input

    =>ACTIVE VIDEO  WIDTH 1936   HEIGHT 1082

                                        WIDTH 1936   HEIGHT 786


  • (ADV7511W)Can ADV7511W change the format to RGB from YUV422?

    Hi !

    Our customer are using ADV7511W for the ADAS R&D.

    They are thinking to input RGB data to ADV7511W.

    The question is this.


    Can ADV7511W change the format to RGB444 from YUV422?


    If it can , do you have a script for this?

    Best regards…

  • [ADV7511W] VIL(max) spec of DDC I2C line of ADV7511W.


    I have a question about VIL(max) spec of DDCI2C line of ADV7511W.

    About DDC I2C specification, HDMI 1.4a specification indicates that
    the spec of DDC I2C requires to meat the I2C specification ver2.1.

    According to I2C-bus Specification, version2…

  • ADV7511w : what will be the 'dts' file changes for am437x

    Hello community,

    Myself is using ADV7511W transmitter for HDMI connection. For this I am bit stuck and not able to figure-out to what changes should be done in the dts files to make this work.

    Also, myself is using below snippet mentioned as example at…

  • Question about ADV7511W

    HI ALL~

    I connect the ADV7511W and A7-FPGA. If I choose "program device"(board power on and then program from Vivado online, sorry but I don't exactly konw how to expression it), ADV7511W can start up, and the monitor connceted to the ADV7511W has a image…