• ADV7511W configuration

    Hi, I'm using a ADV7511W on a project and I can't get a stable image on any display that was tested. It looks like the synchronisation is failing, the different lines are not aligned and constantly shifting randomly, the screen also regularly loses completely…

  • ADV7511W can not work on my custum ZYNQ board


      I designed two custom board, which use same zynq chip(7z045) and connect to a HDMI monitor, but one use ADV7511, the other one use ADV7511W.  and same linux image with same device tree(adi_linux_2018R2 for zc702) runs on the two boards. However, the…

  • (ADV7511W)CEC Arbitiration

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADV7511W.

    My customer uses the ADV7511W CEC line for one-to-one communication.

    This means that there is nothing on the CECE line other than HDMI-RX connected to the ADV7511W.

    Arbitration Lost is rarely detected when using…

  • ADV7511W- PLL not getting locked in multiple ICs


    This question is related to below thread.


    I am using 3 ADV7511W ICs on my board. I am using 16 bit data lines for YCbCr data transmission.
    I have multiple boards with ADV7511 ICs mounted and I observe…

  • [ADV7511W] Unused input pins.


    I have a question about unused input pins of ADV7511W.

    The ADV7511W_Hardware_Users_Guide.pdf says as follows:
         6.1.1 Unused Inputs
         Any input data signals which are not used should be connected to ground.

    Is it OK that the unused input pins…

  • ADV7511W-PLL is not getting Locked


    I am using 3 ADV7511W ICs on my board. I am using 16 bit data lines for YCbCr data transmission. Out of three ICs on the board, for one ADV7511 IC I am not getting the output. When we read the registers we got to know that register 0x9E is 0 i.e PLL…

  • ADV7511W HDMI which only SPDIF input and HDMI Tx without video

    Hi , 

    We want to design SPDIF in and HDMI output, only for audio converter without video.

    There is an application that only SPDIF input to ADV7511W

    Could ADV7511W converter SPDIF to HDMI Tx only without 24Bit video data input?


  • Can ADV7511W output 1920x1200@60Hz CVT(Reduced Blanking) ?


    I have a question about ADV7511W.

    Can ADV7511W output 1920x1200@60Hz CVT(Reduced Blanking) ?


  • ADV7511W + xc7z030 custom board driver


    I have a custom board with a ZYNQ device xc7z030 interfaced to adv7511W HDMI Transmitter chip. I built the adv7511 HDL reference design from github for zc702 board and then modified the constraint file as per the custom board design. I built the SDK…

  • ADV7511W file for EVAL-ADV7613FEBZ

    (new thread created as requested on the previous discussion)


    I have some questions about the OUTPUT_MODULE_E file (ADV7511 file) for EVAL-ADV7613FEBZ.

    I have found a ADV7511.xml file at https://ez.analog.com/video/w/documents/797/advantiv-eval-adv7612…